Emotions Fueling Our Life is to Lose It

I have a weird location to glean spiritual insight today. A Warren Buffet quote?! I want to share what I am learning from this successful businessman. If we allow our emotions and feelings to run our ship we will not only be controlled by the ebb and flow of circumstance but we will miss the God of our moments. I don’t want to be blown around by situations. Circumstances are too fickle to entrust my life’s direction. And emotions are impossible to navigate, they shift and change based on many too many factors. So here is Warren’s quote.

“The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.” – Warren Buffett.

The Fuel of Emotions

The Fuel of Emotions
How does the stock market and Warren Buffett’s quote relate to my spiritual life? The fuel behind the impatient is emotions gone wild. Fear is a powerful emotion, just as the mania of greed. What Wall Street counts on is for people to be controlled by their emotions, which most seem to be. This is the source of “BUY high, SELL low.”  The money invested goes somewhere…just not as a return in the investor’s pocket.

Our patience can be the self-control of following the Will of God and the impatience of emotions will lead us off every time. No, I am not advocating investing in the stock market. What I am championing is living by faith and in the Will of God. Like the stock market, life has waves up and waves down. This can make our sheep nature skittish and fearful. But as we follow the Will of God in Christ to direct our life, we can live in the faith that weathers our crises and uncertainty.

Wild Emotions in 2020

Wild Emotions in 2020
While 2020 has been a major source of reactionary responses and fearful situations, faith in Jesus has been the only steadying factor. I don’t know how anyone has maintained their sanity without Jesus. This year has been a test of the faith of many of us. I am praying these tests have been fruitful to prepare us for the next crisis. You know one is on the horizon.

Here is my point. If we are whirled about in the square dance of emotional reaction, we will lose more than just our peace, we will lose our very experience of life with Christ. You remember that the only thing Christ became angry with in His disciples is fear. Fear is the loss of Life. Fear exalts circumstance over Christ’s Life and Power to handle things. And what I have witnessed is anytime I have done this, I side with Satan to save my life. A wretched state of being, and one that is guaranteed to lose my life.

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of Me will find it.
Matthew 16:25 HCSB

Shepherding Hand

Our lives are to be lived not by a determination to master our situations. They are to be lived determined to live under the Master. Our Father knows the circumstances and situations we live in, none of what we are going through is happening beyond His reach. And the benefit of living by HIS Voice is that He deciphers fact from fiction and leads us into ALL Truth. While the world is ignited by opinions and agendas, we all have to rely on His Shepherding hand to guide us. Impatience to fix or save will not work, but the patience of following Christ in faith will bring forth eternal riches.

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    • Sandy

      Then the fact is Him! And all the rest is fiction…

    • Don Hartness

      “I don’t know how anyone has maintained their sanity without Jesus.” Amen. I fear many have not, even among the church crowd. Then I remember I have nothing to fear when it comes to men. Continue to love God and keep fishing for others who desire Him as well. It’s amazing how fear vanishes when we look up at Him.

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