Embracing the Sovereignty of God

Embracing the Sovereignty of God

Here is a stone-cold fact: We’re never going to embrace the sovereignty of God on our own. We can choose to say yes to His Lordship as an act of will, but the actual working out of it in our lives is God’s to do. The Holy Spirit will have to usher us into the Throne Room of “God as God over everything in our lives.” And this certainly includes my most difficult events and situations. Those things that caused me the greatest pain, wounded me tremendously, and brought a life of shame.

A Relationship with the Sovereignty of God

A Relationship with the Sovereignty of God
We are all working out our relationship with the sovereignty of God, whether through acceptance or rejection of God as God. At the end of our days, we will be able to claim only one thing in order to dwell in His presence. God was good and He gets all the glory for bringing me to Himself. And do this He will! Christ is committed to usher us into the presence of the Father. He has paid the ultimate price of His very Life to achieve this. And every aspect of His Lordship over me ministers to me, so I’m able to bow, honor Him as God, and give thanks to Him for ALL of my life.

Sovereign Touch

The Sovereign Touch by John Enslow
If God is sovereign over all, then His Sovereign Touch deals with all of my pains and sorrows. If He calls me to accept, receive, and embrace His sovereign Will, then His sovereign touch will reach my heart to release me from all my sorrow. The scales of sorrow only prevent me from experiencing His great Love. It is belief and faith in sorrow which actually refuses comfort. And ultimately it is unbelief in His Sovereign Touch to handle all.

When facing sovereignty our main question tends to be, “God, can You overcome in MY pain, suffering, and darkness?” I have to know His Lordship is over my actual life, not just in my world. I ask, “Is He that involved as to be acquainted with MY pain, MY suffering, MY life?” The answer to all of this is a resounding YES!

“If you can’t embrace the wounding hand of God, you’ll never experience the healing hand of God.”
A divinely inspired thought I shared on the Shulamite Podcast, episode #644

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    • tammy

      His Sovereignty is the only place of perfect peace. May He be glorified and blessed through our dwelling in this place.

      • Amen, amen, amen! It is the only place of peace, whether we understand or not, isn’t it?! Love you Tammy!

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