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Matthew 4: 3 Amplified Bible
It has been written, Man shall not live and
be upheld and sustained by bread alone,
but by every word
 that comes forth from the mouth of God.

That scripture compares the voice of God to bread, the basic sustenance of human wellness. It means that His personal, spoken word is health – life to body, soul AND spirit.  So not only do we ‘READ THE RED.’  To be full of vitality and entire wholeness we need to be hungry for God’s voice and ‘EAT THE RED!

When Carole hears God’s voice through the Bible, she marks those promises in light red, (actually pink)!  So she can immediately find over and over those scriptures that came alive for her in different needs of life. As she comes across them and returns to them, she is ‘eating the RED.’  Sometimes, she will read along and exclaim, “oh, it’s PINK!”  We know what she means – it’s a REAL word from God’s mouth to her.

Any word God speaks to us personally becomes the RED. I think I need to outline my promises in a red box.

Once I had a painful back injury (for which there was no medical help).  I listened and prayed to hear God’s voice of healing. I so wanted to LIVE again!!

I had read a book (sorry I can’t remember the man’s name) and the author said that healing comes from God’s voice-promise in the scriptures.  So I was searching the Bible to find verses that lit up in neon, you know what I mean . . when the Bible becomes the spoken word~!  And I found a number of promises that I knew were straight from God’s mouth.  I wrote them all on cards, put them in my Bible and read them (ate them) countless times, especially when in pain.  Those verses were RED for me.

Time passed and I was on a trip to Israel (still suffering). There was a young Christian man in the group, quite the smart aleck know-it-all, always instructing everybody. Somehow I had Christ’s grace to receive him, watch him and let him ‘instruct me.’  Funny, he insisted that I should not close my eyes when I prayed. I just smiled and ignored it. Even so, I somehow knew he was valid.

On the last night before we flew out of Tel Aviv, I saw him in the hallway, crouched on the floor. He said, “I am so full of the Spirit, I need to pray for someone.” I said, “well, let that be me.”  And the Lord healed me! I could feel the healing power go through my body.  From that time, the pain was gone!  I could fully LIVE again.

I had eaten – chewed and digested – the RED: the living word from the mouth of God. And deep within me, the words transformed into faith and health! The words of Christ became Bread for Life!

By the way, for the new year Carole wants to have a special Bible for her RED God-breathed words.

John 15:7 Amplified Bible
If you live in Me [abide vitally united to Me] and
My words remain in you and  continue to live in your hearts,
ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.


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