The Earthly Life Receives the Spiritual Life

The Earthly Life Receives the Spiritual Life

If you can’t be earthly, then you will never be heavenly. We must be who we were created to be in order to ascend to who He’s made us to be. Living the earthly life makes us able to receives His Spiritual Life.

Of No Earthly Good

Of No Earthly Good
Have you ever heard the saying: “They’re so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.” Well, this phrase has dynamic truth. If we refuse to be grounded, responsible and human, we will miss being truly spiritual. Truly spiritual people don’t deny their humanity rather they embrace their living scenario and then let His Life ascend through them.

Many live with the desire to never sully themselves with the business of this world. Or if it is not that, they segregate God right out of the things they think they can do without Him. Those who mentally attempt to live above the reach of the common and earthly humanity. And in doing so they miss the most amazing part of the Life Christ purchased for us—His Life in our mundane and common existence. The problem is when we refuse to be the vessel He desires to pour through.

Jesus never shirked off His earthly life. Quite the contrary, He embedded Himself in our human existence. He left His heavenly home to live with us in our very common earthly reality. He didn’t come to save us from our earthly reality, He came to embed His Life into it. Christ desires to be your mundane to make it eternal.

Segregated Life

Segregated Life
If we live as if Jesus only bothers Himself with our spiritual pursuits then we will miss His very Life. There isn’t spiritual vs secular in the mind of God. For the actual born again believer those walls of distinction have been abolished. He purchased our whole life and this means all of it. The categories of existence end in the exchanged Life.

If you are at work, Christ’s Life is to be your life. Making dinner…Christ’s Life as your life. Worshiping at church, just another opportunity for His Life to shine. The problem arises when we want to label life as lesser (I got this covered God!) and higher (You can help me here a bit). This fractured existence kills our life and experience of Jesus. Additionally it is so much more difficult to function like that. We become a patchwork quilt and fractured.

Here is the bottom line, all our life is about relationship with God and our knowledge of Christ. My mundane tasks are only opportunities and invitations to more deeply enter into Jesus and to expand my knowledge of Him. To segregate my life is to separate God from involvement. This is counter to our purpose in life—getting to know HIM!

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    • Alex

      Yes, yes, yes! I love this! “Christ in me, the hope of glory.” It makes me wonder, did God give Jesus the gift of living through us because He (God) finds such joy in it Himself? I love to think about the fact that God WANTS to live my life. I DENY Him joy when I don’t die and let Jesus live it. I hope that makes sense. It just is incredibly comforting to know that God doesn’t make a train wreck. He makes adventure! So, when I step out and He floods in, the result will always be an adventure! And what could seem mundane ( Martha’s cooking the spaghetti) is really a part of a great story that HE is writing.

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