Dream, Love, Know God

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The third regret is:

 I wish I’d gotten to know God better.

Don Nelson would not have that regret.

We are so prone to be content with this life and think that it is so important.

Carole once had this vision and it has impacted me so much to order my life for the next.
She sensed that we are all inside the womb of God and this is not our real life.  This is a life to prepare for the Real-Life. How we form this life is what we will be born into for the Real-Life.  We are building in this life, for another life.  Carole said that some of us will be stillborn.  Some of us will be full-grown and fully formed.

Don had the courage to face God in a way that few of us do. He came to the place where he could let God show him what was wrong with him . . . what was his flaw and what was his problem. And he even began to enjoy it.  He was willing to be confronted so he could change.

Don Nelson had the courage to love God
and the courage to be loved by God.

In the last several years and especially in the last weeks, Don had an enormous preparation that is pretty secret. We look back at it and find that it is the most perfectly orchestrated preparation for his birth into his real life. One of the things that he greatly experienced in a unique way was the love of God for him as a Father!

The man got comfortable with the fact that God was always right and he was often wrong.
Don got out of God’s chair and became the child of God.

It was a wonder to watch over the years. Don chose to ‘get to know God better’ and that was intensified in the last years, months and weeks. That’s the very best Don-story!

Dream God’s dream.
Love with courage.
Get to know God better.

Don has entered his Eternal-Life.
He has left the preparation-life and he entered his true, lasting, Real existence. So when he passed on, I don’t think Don would have had many painful regrets of those three important things:
Dream, Love, Know God.

That is your legacy from Don Nelson, that is the rich inheritance that you can take with you today. Don did it where most of us think about it. Many of us would like to, but Don did it.

And on that last day of 2012, God took Don to Himself, quietly and peacefully – without suffering.

This is eternal life, that they may know You,
the only true God and Jesus Christ
whom You have sent.
John 17.3 ESV

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