Does inconvenience mean it’s not God?

Does inconvenience mean it's not God?

Does everything have to go smoothly for it to be God? If I have inconvenience, does this mean God’s not present? If it’s not smooth sailing, does it mean that it’s Satan’s assault? Of course not, but it sure does feel like it.

Shouldn’t it be NO Inconvenience?

Shouldn't it be NO Inconvenience?
I’ve felt that if I am called to do something, every provision should be made, and in part, this is true. But often my provision doesn’t come in the package I think it should. My vision of provision often more closely resembles the 1937 cartoon adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Little blue birds flutter about helping me with my tasks, animals of the field scurry about assisting me to complete my tasks, and how about carrying one of my bags while you’re at it? This all would happen while I was whistling with a smile on my face and wearing a pretty clean dress (hahaha). Well, all except for the dress. I’d actually prefer a cotton-lined kilt or some sweat pants—whatever is most comfortable. It just never is like this.

Does this mean I’m failing to line up in faith with God? I don’t think so. I believe inconveniences can still happen when we are in direct line with God’s Will. I feel often it is His hook and crook leading me on.

Inconvenience Example

Inconvenience Example
For example, a forgotten item which makes me have to return home after leaving for a trip. On our last voyage this happened, and it appears that if I had pressed on without the detour, I might have been involved in an accident with a motorcycle. We passed the crash when we were on our way again after turning back. There they lay on the side of the road, and it looked like it happened when we would have originally been passing by. Whoa!

I think the point is to ever be inquiring. I’m seeing that God wants our continual dialog and inquiry. “What is it You are doing? What is it You’re desiring me to see?” This also connects to the phrase I shared in a previous post: “Don’t look at what is happening, look at what God is doing.” It is painful to live in stark dependence. It’s frightening to be this reliant on Someone else.

No Matter if there is Inconvenience

No Matter if there is Inconvenience
But here is the bottom line of this life. I’m to be obedient. I’m to be ever listening to my Shepherd. It really doesn’t matter if I know what is happening. It doesn’t matter if I understand or can even see a purpose. My job is obedience with love in the presence of the Spirit. (I highly recommend Martha’s current devotional on the power of obedience to expound on this.)

I love an example she has given in the past about being a secretary for God. God said to her, “You are not the president. You are just a little secretary. Now go paint your nails until I tell you to do something, because you’re not in control.” While I would appreciate Him not having me paint my nails, I do get the point. “Sit down and wait until I reveal what I want to do in your life.”

I love you, Father, for Your utter simplicity with me, and I repent of wanting a controlling voice in Your Corporate doings. I’ll go sit back down at my desk and wait for You to call.

“God hides Himself in order to raise souls up to that perfect faith which will discover Him under every kind of disguise… O Divine Love, conceal Yourself, leap over our suffering, make us obedient! Mystify us, arouse and confuse us. Shatter all of our illusions and plans so that we lose our way, and see neither path nor light until we have found You…
From The Sacrament of the Present Moment by Jean-Pierre de Caussade

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    • Sam

      Yes, yes. Absolutely. “Let it be You, and if You are silent and quiet… let’s Your silence and quietness fully reign within”.


    • Wanda

      M”Sit down and wait until I reveal what I want to do in your life”. I like that. It fits where I am right now. Love and blessings. Wanda

    • Pauline

      “I think the point is to ever be inquiring. I’m seeing that God wants our continual dialog and inquiry…” That is such a God-thought, John:
      A…sk; S…eek; K…nock. Martha’s been right all along — it really IS simple! (Still trying to get over the shock of the ‘kilt’ thing, though!)
      Thanks, John.

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