Do You Have Fun With Jesus?

Do You Have Fun With Jesus?

When did Christians surrender the idea of fun to the world? When exactly did we earn the reputation of dour, disapproving scolds? Who decided to use the Pharisees as models for Christian living? There is a dearth of true joy evidenced in the life of the average believer, and it’s proof that something has gone very wrong.

Is the Bible Devoid of Fun?

Is the Bible Devoid of Fun?
It occurs to me that the joy of the Lord is as difficult to match as His holiness. Is it because we’re so afraid of temptation that we wall ourselves off from pleasure? That we are dismissive of fun? A considerable number of believers refuse to dance. To dance! David danced naked in abandoned worship of God. So free was his heart from the worries of what anyone thought but his God! Can you even imagine being so unencumbered, so rapturously joyful? I’m really not sure I can.

The first miracle Jesus ever performed was to turn about 120 gallons of water into wine at a wedding. That’s a fair amount of wine! And it wasn’t done at the beginning of the wedding feast either. No, the celebration had been going on long enough for them to run out of wine. Jesus could have said, “Mom, everyone’s had a few drinks and no one needs more.” He didn’t though. He also didn’t ask the disciples to determine who was already three sheets to the wind and who wasn’t. He didn’t concern Himself with any of the things that most believers would address. Think this isn’t a fair example? Try to imagine your average Christian going to a liquor store and getting 50 cases of wine for a friend’s wedding reception. Can you see it happening? I really can’t.

Do You Have Fun with Jesus?

Do You Have Fun with Jesus?
Why does this even matter? It matters because a life without joy, without fun is neither natural nor healthy. “We played the flute for you, but you didn’t dance; we sang a lament, but you didn’t mourn!” Joy and grief. A healthy heart will experience a full share of each in this life. Yet we tend to give joy the stink-eye unless it falls under pre-approved categories that aren’t always Biblical. It’s all upside down!

I have fun with Jesus. I truly do! It’s not just peaceful or delightful or contemplative or worshipful when I’m with Him. We have fun, too. And why should we not? Even the animals He created have fun. When was the last time you did something fun with the Lord? When was the last time the two of you just played and enjoyed each other? I know that these are serious times. But on the eve of His betrayal, Jesus joined His disciples for the Passover feast. He could have gathered with them in fasting and austerity, but He didn’t. Instead, they feasted together, one last supper before the horror to come. That’s very significant to me. Does it speak to you?

Then He said to them, “With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer…
Luke 22:15 NKJV

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    • Sue W Casey

      Well, to begin with this post, it was fun, delightful just as you are!!!!! Thank you for giving me a delightful meal that
      Jesus has used to give me thoughts that I never considered. Blessings be returned to you dear one.

    • Chris

      Awesome Sauce! Thank you! Who decided to make the Pharisees the model of Christian living? Love it! #havefunwithjesus

    • alex

      Thanks for the reminder! And frankly, the new idea (for me) to have fun WITH Jesus. I seem to remember Jesus didn’t just turn the water into wine, he was attending the festivities! ( Correct me if i am wrong!) I just never thought about it before. Jennifer, I needed this! God is great to provide His Word in perfect timing!

    • Susan

      Thanks for the reminder Jennifer lest we fail to do so under the daily grind based on our perception and lack of gratitude.
      There have been some downright hysterical times that I wouldn’t trade for…. smile!

    • Shane moore

      I need to live like Jesus did.but…its hard for me.the kind of life I lived. Dires.pleasures.that kind of thing

    • David Muir

      Whoever you are, that was awesome. I would just like to know how. I’m sitting in a coffee shop, realising that I’ve been taking for something from God. I almost feel like exercising or doing SOMETHING that will satisfy this yearning. I then thought (probably wasn’t me:D ), I want to have fun with him, but I couldn’t think of a single way to interact with Him. We can’t exactly play catch, if you know what I mean. Soooooooo, does anyone have any cool ideas to gave some fun with our Sovereign Lord :p

      • Love your comment and your heart to have fellowship and fun with God. It made me think of a post a did a few years back that I think might give you a little bit more to meditate on. Hope you like it, it’s called Playing Catch with Dad.

        • David Muir

          It was perfect. Exactly what I needed at the right time. It was obviously the Lord, because I looked down at my phone and my email was open (i never check my emails). Thanks for your response.

          • So pleased David! God knows, huh?! Thanks for reading the blog, hope it will continue to be a source of encouragement to you.

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