Satisfying a Divine Despot

uncle sam I want you to not vote

If I lived in a land under the rule of a despot1 rather than in a democracy, my life would be dictated by his whim. Where I lived, what I did for work, what I was allowed to enjoy, would all be in the despot’s hands. If the despot found my daughter attractive, my daughter was his.  If the despot wanted a road to pass through where my house sat, I would have to find a new home. Everything “about me” would have to pass through the despot’s pleasure. If the despot said no, it was no! I would live at the mercy of a despot.


Well, I currently live in the land of the vote. Essentially I have a say in my destiny.  I can choose what I want to drive, where I live, what I eat . . . we all have a vote.  Each of us have a say in how our life is lived. CHOICE is ours: We are American after all.  But is that actually true?

On March 20th of 1988, I had an encounter where a Divine Despot asked if I would like to live in His land. I had made quite a mess on my own and said yes.  It took until September 13th of the following year for Him to airlift me out, but I was transferred from a kingdom of darkness into THE DESPOT’s marvelous Light.  So why am I saying all this? Because all of us who call on the Lord, live under a Despot.

Now, our Beloved Despot is kind and merciful, but He is a despot nonetheless. We do have a choice, because God has irrevocably given us free-will, but our lives are solely in His hands. It doesn’t matter if He has allowed us to live in a republic; He is our despot. At the end and beginning of every day, we live for HIS pleasure.

This is scary! It is an uncomfortable truth, but if I will submit to that fact, then my life will be extraordinarily simpler. I didn’t say easy, but simpler, yes. See, God the Father desires me to live for His pleasure. The amazing thing is that my Despot is amazingly just. He is not evil like all known despots. He doesn’t puncture my flesh for His amusement. No, He is loving, but still a despot.

Serving a Divine Despot

Serving a Divine Despot
So now that I’ve made a case for the Lord Jesus being a Divine Despot, you might wonder why.  Well, it’s because to get along in His Kingdom, we have to live solely for the Despot’s pleasure.  If I will satisfy my Divine Despot, I will be fulfilled.  This is so counter to our normal mode of operation.

Normally, if I live for another’s pleasure, I get the shaft.  But in the Kingdom of God, if I satisfy Him then I am fulfilled.  You notice that I don’t say I am satisfied.  The reason for that is the Despot doesn’t set out to satisfy my flesh.  I have really petitioned Him on this one, but He doesn’t often budge.  And when He has, ooooo, what a mess!  When I have gotten what “I WANT!”—Lord Jesus, the results have been frightening. But even in that, the Despot worked it together so well as to benefit me.

Satisfying the King

Let me wrap this up.  If I will get in line to choose to satisfy the Eternal KING, if I will live my life for His pleasure, then I will live in His Reward. You’ve read my posts, so you know I don’t do this perfectly.  But I can say that when I do, I am transported into all possibilities! If you and I were sitting down for a cup of coffee, I might tell you some wonderful stories of this reality.  JESUS is a Lord!

This will be, in his own time, the final dénouement of God, who is the blessed controller (in the Greek: despot) of all things, the king over all kings and the master of all masters, the only source of immortality, the one who lives in unapproachable light, the one whom no mortal eye has ever seen or ever can see. To him be acknowledged all honour and power for ever, amen!
1 Timothy 6:15-16 J.B. Phillips New Testament

1 DESPOT, n. An emperor, king or price invested with absolute power, or ruling without any control from men, constitution or laws.

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    • Irene

      John, your writing always draws me in as though we were sharing a cup of coffee and talking of our Lord. That is truly a gift from Him and I thank you for employing it. I am studying the commands of Christ, and recently studied the one where Jesus says “if anyone will follow Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.”. Your post today has given me a different perspective on this, as I have never considered the term despot in conjunction with Jesus, but yes, He Is.

    • Sharon

      Amen John! What perfect timing as we see the world all around us in such disarray! It is simple as we submit everything unto Him! We can see the folly all around us in those who refuse to submit or to believe He is!!!! There is great comfort to know that He is a despot!!!! Thank you for opening another facet of Him!

    • Pauline

      I read what you’re saying, John, but was having a hard time hearing and taking it all in because I was trying to reason it with my head . . . always thought (wrongly) that satisfied and fulfilled were synonymous . . . Psalms talks a lot about being satisfied; then there were the objects: HE’s satisfied; I’m fulfilled and flesh vs. spirit. So I was getting tripped up by my ‘stinkin’ thinkin.’ Anyway, when I asked the Holy Spirit to cut through it all, not because of poor communication on your part, rather, my analyzing and questioning, a news update flashed in my spirit: “For me to LIVE is [really is] Christ. . .” because He’s the ONLY One Father is satisfied with; nothing in me (though I keep looking). How uncomplicated is that?! So, thanks, John, for addressing the “simple” and, you’re right, it’s not easy. By the way, when I went back to read it later, it was all very clear.

    • Sue

      I choose and am in line to satisfy the Eternal King!!!! Thank you John, bless you for sharing these truths.

      • Our chosen YES to His Lordship is hugely important! We will be fulfilled in His satisfaction. Hope to see you soon.

    • Alex

      Me, too! I have chosen and continue to choose His will and His rule. I love living in the kingdom, where I am never subject to an evil ruler, but always under the protective love and rule of the blessed king over all kings! Thanks for this, John! It is very clear!

      • Love you Alex! That is absolutely true!

    • Sandy

      Hmmmmm! A cup of jo with John!! That almost sounds like a podcast!!😃😁 And one I would enjoy!❤

      • You got it Sandy! How do you take your coffee and I will prepare one for you. We’ll be waiting for you. 😉

    • Wanda

      Not only fulfilling, but a sense of absolute security in being under the sovereign hand of our Savior. As you say..not easy but simple. At my age, simplicity is worth it all. Love you John

    • Thank you John for saying “yes” to God those many years ago. Because of that God has used you to reach many people including myself. I am eternally grateful for how God has revealed Himself to me through you.

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