Disappointed by the Ways of God

Disappointed by the Ways of God

As I have been passing through this series of posts, I have been so excited to express Christ’s view of weakness, struggles, obstacles, pain and suffering. Our Heavenly Father just doesn’t see things as we do. This can make us disappointed by the ways of God. What in my view is a hindrance to my path, for Him is the path itself. While this takes huge faith and trust in His character and purposes, the end result of yielding is Christ Himself.

When the Ways of God Hurt

When the Ways of God Hurt
On my post You Poked My Heart, Tina commented on Facebook about God’s role in our wounding. As I said, God pokes our heart too. His motivation is always His perfection but at the end of the day, it still can hurt.

Here is a quote she shared from Mary Rowlandson.
“Though He wounds me with one hand, so He heals me with the other.” This so strikes me as truth. His hand has wounded me and at the same time that wounding was for the purpose of bringing deep healing. Only God can work this miracle in our lives.

Disappointed Truth

Disappointed Truth
As I pondered this quote I remembered something Martha spoke in the Bride is Ready series of messages. The truth is dynamic on this topic.

Here is what she said:
“Christ’s standard of loving Him is counted not in serving, living, or believing. Love is only love that lies wasted at His feet and kisses His disappointing hand. Love is only Love that loves God more than self.

And those who love their God to that dying extent will live with Him above the outpouring of death on an evil world.” #5 The Scent of Myrrh — The Bride is Ready

That phrase, “Kisses His Disappointing Hand” has rocked my world. I can’t tell you how many times God has brought disappointment in my life and the only way I have gotten through it is to yield to His disappointing hand. This places the Sovereign Touch under the magnifying glass. Can we receive everything from His hands, even our disappointment?

Worshiping the Ways of God

Worshiping the Ways of God
Then today Sue shared with me a quote from Watchman Nee’s Worshiping the Ways of God. It has been like the Lord has been developing this message for days if not weeks. Like He’s expanding it and revealing His deeper purpose and plan. He just is perfect, whether I approve or not.

Here is what Nee says on the subject:
We learn to walk step-by-step. If we want to learn to walk before God, we will have no future unless we can learn to worship the ways of God—not just to worship God. Our entire spiritual future hinges on our ability to worship the ways of God. Thus, all who know God must be brought to the point of saying, “I worship the ways of God. I worship the things that God has ordained for me. I worship the things God has done to me. I worship God for what He is pleased to do in me. I worship God for the things He strips from me.”

The ways of God are a complete mystery to us. He often zigs when we would zag. And when we expect His movement in a particular way, and that is not the way He moves, we can become disappointed…even offended. Remember John the Baptist? “Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?” The response, “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in Me.” Matthew 11:6

I have learned to moment by moment follow His leading. My immediate response often alleviates some of the pain. It is amazing how blindly following can often also blindside the painful reactions. Kind of gives you the opportunity to live in shock and awe. Hope this spoke to you.

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    • Rhonda

      Love this reminder, John! Thank you!

    • Anna

      Powerful! Yes and amen!

    • Rosemary

      This really spoke to me. Thank you.

    • Alex

      This is so timely. Some things seem so unbearable. And the only way to get through the day, is to lean on His Character. He will not abandon or foresake you. His promises are firm, and that trust means everything.

    • shulamite

      Here is something that might bless you…
      Kiss the SON

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