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At the grocery store last night, my food was bagged up by an adorable teenager named Jason.  Jason opened the conversation and immediately began dropping non sequiturs that allowed him to tell me all about the robotics convention he’s attending this weekend.  Hilarious kid!  He was so excited about the robot he’d built that he was absolutely beaming.

On the drive home, I was smiling over Jason and his infectious enthusiasm when it hit me: he wasn’t enthusiastic; he was delighted.  Specifically, Jason was utterly delighted in himself and what he’d done.  When the cashier cut in to tell me how smart Jason was, he grinned and bobbed his head and said “I love math!”  Jason wasn’t bragging or being prideful.  He delighted in the skill he’d been given to hone.

I think that the delight I had over him was triggered by the delight he had in himself – like a little child.  My nephews delight in the things they can do and say.  They find wonder all around them, including in themselves.  It is one of the most precious qualities of little children, that innocent wonder and joy in ALL of life.

My encounter with the delightfully delighted Jason prompted a question: when was the last time I found ME delightful?  No judging, no scrutiny, no self-consciousness.  No vanity, no arrogance, no pride – just a joyful “Well done, God!” over some aspect of myself.  When was the last time you found YOU delightful?

We are – each one of us – completely unique entities in this vast universe.  We are created, known, and loved by God Most High.  I have eternal significance because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, LIVES in me.  I am a walking miracle, fearfully and wonderfully made – seems like I’d have to work hard NOT to delight in me!

Romans 1:20a HCSB
For His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature,
have been clearly seen since the creation of the world,
being understood through what He has made.

When I look at the beauty in His creation, I see God and I love Him.  When I experience the wonder and majesty in His creation, I see God and I love Him.  When I delight in what and who He’s made, then I rejoice in Who HE is – and I love Him.  I am so grateful for what the Lord is showing me in this, and I’m thanking Him for all the healing He’s brought to free the child He dreamed me to be.  May we each of us experience again the childlike joy and delight, not just in His creation around us, but in us, too.

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