Courting Brotherhood, Bromance

Courting Brotherhood, Bromance

I am amazed to learn that there is a “courting” involved in building brotherhood. Now, courting seems to be an odd term. You could say, “Isn’t courting about courting a spouse?” I am learning that no, a spouse is not the only place where this is present. When there is deep relational building, there is a dance in our relationships that can all day long be seen as a courting. It is the give and take progression of getting to know one another and can also be seen in the development of brothers and sisters in Christ as well. And the fruit is the developing a bond of brotherhood. In modern pop culture terms it could be called a bromance.

Courting in Brotherhood

Courting Brotherhood
Courting is about the process of deep relational building and getting to know someone. It doesn’t have to be just with a spouse, it can be with a brother as well. The bond of brotherhood can be a deep relationship as well. No, it is not for marital union, but it can be a deep link. When God is developing a relationship between brothers, it is holy and sacred. When He is the center, it is a link, a bond, a meaningful alliance.

I am learning this in a few relationships God has brought into my life. Christ is building familial union with Christian brothers and in this I am experiencing His courtship. Ultimately, as I wrote in my last post it is a relationship with Jesus. The union is with Christ and His Body. We are just the benefactors of His love union with us His Bride.

It is the adventure of discovery and joining of men to walk together in Him. Again, as I said in my previous posts, it isn’t like these relationships are my source. But as I explore His purpose, I am seeing His deep intent to make His union in Body Life. I am experiencing Christ in the lives of my brothers as we develop our bond together in Him.

Divine Bromance

Divine Bromance
Isn’t this what Body Life is? Of course, it’s the joining of individual parts not overshadowing my relationship and focus on Jesus. Quite the contrary, it is intended to be a living expression of Him as long as He remains the focus and center. The true bromance is brothers in Christ unified in Him. It is Christ’s love expression and to us His Bride. Wow, talk about a romance. That is a divine romance, and the courting is getting to know Him and those He wants to connect us with.

But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have communion with Him in the midst of us, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son cleanses us from all sin.
1 John 1:7

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