Convergence Theory

Grace to Convergence

I was listening the other day to something Lance Wallnau was saying and it hit me deeply as I believe he discussed something very real and true about where the Lord is taking me. The message was about convergence theory.

“Convergence theory says that God designed you with certain gifts, talents and abilities, so that you have an assignment or a calling that matches your design. And in the areas where you lack, you can see God and God will augment your natural capacity with a supernatural acumen to compliment you, so that even though you may seem in the natural like you cannot do it, God will give you by grace the ability to do what you cannot do. Your gifts, talents and abilities plus the supernatural enablement of God produces a capacity for convergence. Convergence is when you’re doing the thing God created you to do.

And in the research Bobby Clinton did, he saw only 20% of the Body of Christ actually gets in the convergence. That’s 20%, not of mankind, but 20% of Christians seeking to fulfill their destiny…80% don’t get there!”

Grace to Convergence

Grace to Convergence
dividiv     This is shocking, but I believe altogether true. Many seek to reach their destiny but fail enter it because of a plethora of hindrances. So many things look to prevent us from connecting with our design but grace is present to bring us in. It is His design and desire for us.

Winston Churchill explained it this way: “There comes in the lifetime of every man that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder, and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to him and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared for the work, which could be his finest hour.”

The finest hour! TAPPING INTO THE GRACE OF GOD TO PERFORM THE WILL OF GOD! When we access the grace of God to allow Him to produce the will of God, we are truly in our divine design.

I was called to write. I was not a writer by nature because of past trauma but by grace He enables me to do what He calls me to do. I tapped into His grace to perform what He wanted to do. I could have easily resisted this grace with unbelief, fear…but I surrendered and now see His convergence. I have entered the design that original and away from the obstructions.

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    • Helen

      This is a true & different kind of ‘familiar’, a coming home to what we were made for. It’s not a ‘repeat’, a stuck record that wants to play over & over to stymie us. There is an undergirding of Rest in the grace of “convergence”—what a perfect word to bring it clearly to our hearts. The hindrances in every form bring unrest. ‘Resist in unbelief & fear?! No. surrender into grace!’ I’ve been in a place where there has been nothing ‘old-familiar’ to give me bearings; God’s on purpose. He is our hearts focus & our readiness. To walk worthy of Him is to live & move within our call & assignment. Our hearts in one accord…on the inside, IN CHRIST, in His Will. Implanted design bringing desire…He is our adequacy to do what we cannot do. God is bringing this word to our hearts…”His grace to perform what He wants to do.”

    • Stacy


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