Consequences, Persecution, and Coronavirus

Consequences, Persecution, and Coronavirus

In my last post I extensively explored what my response is to be when my government and authorities demand that I do something that is in violation to the Word of God. I am not speaking of blatant sins like murder or denouncing God, but things like not meeting for church or not allowing us singing in the assembly. If all authority is set in place by God, who do I listen to man or God? Today I want to share the consequences of our loyalty to God’s Will and an example of inquiring of God about the recent pandemic and national shutdown.

Some Consequences and Persecution

Some Consequences and Persecution
What are the consequences of living in the Life of Christ? Persecution and hatred, the world despises that which God chooses. (See John 15:18) Persecution of the church has historically come from secular governments and false religion. Most of Christian martyrs have died because they refused to obey such authorities. And I can guarantee that those who live by the Indwelt Life of Christ will receive persecution. “If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you” John 15:20. Persecution is part of the blessing found in the beatitudes. But with the hatred and persecution is a great promise, “YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN WILL BE GREAT!” (See Matthew 5:11-12)

Am I willing to pay the price to let Christ and His Life emanate through my life? Regardless of the consequences, is my commitment to His Will above my own?

Coronavirus Happening

Coronavirus Happening
When the initial shut down over the Covid-19 Pandemic happened, I had questions. With something occurring so momentous, could this just be God’s hand at work? Everything from sports to schools, churches to funerals shut down, I asked God, “What are YOU doing?” I knew the magnitude of a complete national shutdown was too colossal to not have a Sovereign Source. And I say this all the while believing that the machinations of man could very well be a contributing factor. That did not matter.

My question was, “What are YOU doing?” I do not say this to elevate myself, if anything it reveals my deep dependence on the mind and Will of Christ. Quite frankly, I wanted to be in line with Him and His Will during this time.

Many thoughts and questions ran through my spirit. What if our Sovereign God is using this virus to shut us down because of our great idolatry? Could He just be preventing us from focusing on things that have captured our attention from Him? Is He preventing our churches from meetings because our focus has veered away from Jesus as Source and onto the entertaining institution itself? Has our sporting events and concerts obscured our devotion and focus from HIM? I am not saying this is gospel, I just had the questions.

Inquiring of the Lord

Inquiring of the Lord
I had to ask Him because I would not know if I did not ask. We always have to inquire, because we have a relational God. If I went full steam ahead defending my rights, could I not be striving with God Himself. You see the mind and Will of God must be always sought after or we just have instituted LAW that will result in death. If I have made a law that we should meet hell or high water, I might miss the message the Lord was proclaiming.

My fellow believers, when it seems as though you are facing nothing but difficulties see it as an invaluable opportunity to experience the greatest joy that you can!
James 1:2 TPT

Again, I am not telling you what to believe or how to view the events around the pandemic. What I am contending for is that our first response in life is to inquire of our Sovereign God. He is so ready to reveal His Life and Will and desirous that His children would know Him.

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    • Molly

      So clear! I want to know Him as God and trust in Him like this! Thanks!

      • Good news Molly, you have the power through choice to make that a living reality. All He needs is our choice and decision. The more we see we are unable, the closer we are to seeing Jesus as our ability. Bless you!

    • Heidi

      Yes!! Thank you John! May our responses reflect the One we submit to & worship.

    • Alex

      Always, always we look to our Father. He is faithful. Right now, I’m in Altogether Forgiven again. I was surprised to be led to it, but I am finding it a great reminder to FORGIVE. Including forgiving authorities and anarchists. John, thank you for keeping us on the right path ?

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