Circumstances Come and Go, God Remains

Circumstances Come and Go, God Remains

You don’t have to have smooth sailing to remain safe. Circumstances are nothing before the Most High God. Circumstances aren’t God, they only attempt to tell you they are ALL powerful. Our actual reality is: God is GOD!

Looking to the Source

Looking to the Source
This morning I was reading in the book of Daniel and was looking for hope. The continual negative reports reported in the media have recently gotten my spirit down. It’s tempted me to let my heart be unsettled and disconcerted. In response I’ve looked to my actual Source, who is Christ the Living Word. When in doubt, Word it out!

So what did the Living Word speak to me? Jesus said, that if you are in obedience to God and living in His Will, even your enemies will be for you. Read Daniel 6, it describes the scenario where Daniel’s enemies set a trap based on his own integrity to the Laws of God and the law of the land. Does this sound similar to the scenarios we are enduring.

In our current climate, it seems there are entrapments around every corner. And while Daniel was thrown into the den of lions, Daniel’s king fasted and prayed for his safety.

Then the king returned to his palace and spent the night fasting. He refused his usual entertainment and couldn’t sleep at all that night.
Daniel 6:18 NLT

That’s right, the one whose edicts imprisoned and sentenced him to death, prayed saving grace over his life. As you know the lions didn’t eat Daniel and the next morning he was taken from the lion’s den and Darius exalted Daniel’s GOD. Additionally those who laid the traps for Daniel were executed by their own entrapments. Those same lions whose natural response to eat was stayed by the hand of God, couldn’t wait to execute the judgment upon Daniel‘s own enemies. Their bodies didn’t even hit the ground before they were torn to shreds.

Our Circumstances

Our Circumstances
How is this hopeful? Because our circumstances don’t constrain the hand of our God. While the days may look dark and chaotic, the Truth reveals our God is in control. As long as we walk in obedience to the Author of our faith, He will keep our lives and overcome our circumstances.

Darkness doesn’t overshadow the man in Light. While there is no guarantee that we won’t face hardship, our end will be Him. Daniel was in the Will of God, so he didn’t have a problem even under the judgment of God.

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    • Sue

      “When in doubt, word it out”. I love this phrase, I’m writing it across my journal.
      “As long as we walk in obedience to the Author of our faith, He will keep our lives
      and overcome our circumstances” This is very hopeful…….because He shows us when our hearts are set and focused on HIS WILL, he will perform it in us. Thank you John.

    • Alex

      Our end will be Him. That’s all we really need to know, isn’t it? ❤️

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