Christmas is not for Christians

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Christmas is not for ChristiansI know the title of this post is shocking but before I lose you, let me expound on why I make the statement: Christmas is not for Christians. This title basically says that Christmas is a holiday for the unbeliever! Well, as an indwelt believer in Jesus, I experience Christ daily. My life celebrates Him regularly as He reveals Himself to me moment by moment in all of my days.

So you might say, “How can you say that celebrating His birth is not for me?” Quite simply, because my focus on Christmas day is as it is on every day—Christ. But this is a day and a season when the world is celebrating friends, family and gifts, against the backdrop of the Life of Christ. His name, His story and His Life is inescapable. Christmas is a day that the Spirit presents JESUS, once again, as Emmanuel God with US. He does this for all those who may not know Him in their every day. It’s as it was when the wise men from afar and the shepherds in the field followed a star. Those who are open to receiving the gift of Him, will find Him who has been promised.

Christmas is not for Christians

During the Christmas season as I walk through life I am to be like the manger, a vessel simply upholding the King of Glory. This day is not for me, any more than it was for the original manger. My life is a celebration of Christ EVERY DAY; I don’t need a single day of awareness but the world does. Many Christians boycott Christmas as pagan. I feel they are missing the point. This day isn’t about them! Christmas is for them to be a vessel to present the King of Glory in all His humility. It is to take His life into situations for the receptive and openhearted. This is a day when possibly your unsaved friends and family will gather together focusing unknowingly on Jesus, while you’re given the opportunity to simply rest as a vessel of Christ’s Life.

If you have Christ inside of you, you don’t need a birthday. Every day is His birthday as He presents His life through you. Christmas is not for you to defend your rights against what you perceive to be INJUSTICE.  This day is for you to display Him. This day is to present Him in all stillness, with all satisfaction.

Christmas is for the Unsaved World

Christmas is for the Unsaved World
So as I enter a new Christmas, I am not going to focus on what I’m to receive but what is to be given out of me. It is tremendously freeing. Christmas is not for Christians, but it is an opportunity for an unsaved world to have another chance to acknowledge Christ. Yes, pagan foolishness happens, but the story of our Savior is again presented to a world needing Him. Let His Life come forth from us to be The Light that so desperately needs to be seen. Rather than being against, let’s let Christ again come lowly to present Himself as THE Light of the World.

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    • Nancy

      Christmas isn’t for Christians, this needed to be shared John, and you did such an amazing clarity of heart, the spirit of Christ. Blessings.

    • Michael Miller


      • shulamite

        Thank you Michael… I love this post. Appreciate you stopping by.

    • joycomesinthemorning

      You mean to tell me that no-one wanted to shoot the messenger. AMAZING WRITING…
      Definitely sharing this!!!!

      • John Enslow

        No noticeable shots in the back…hehehe Thank you for commenting!

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