When Christ is Your Only Solution

When Christ is Your Only Solution

Everything can seem like a crisis, but with Christ these troubles are only opportunities. In actuality the problem is itself the opportunity for His Solution. A perfect setup for a miraculous knocking it out of the park.

You may ask for an example of this? How about the wedding in Cana for instance. To run out of wine was an embarrassing situation. A shame and humiliation for the master of the ceremony, the families and the beautiful couple. This could be a time for anxiety and panic for sure. But THE Answer was in attendance. And as He does in all our crises, He in the perfect time reveals Himself as THE Solution. Our crises are but a door of entrance for the very Son of God.

Your Personal Solution

Your Personal Solution
Think about your life. Do you find yourself  disconcerted? Have the wine pots of your life run dry? Do you have no solution to resolve the problem? Could today be the day of His best wine in your life’s party?

I believe with all my heart that God orchestrates life circumstances to leave us dependent on Him. So you may question, “Are you saying He is the evil and pain we suffer?!” This is a big question for sovereignty, and is a subject I deeply dive into in my book The Sovereign Touch. If you haven’t read it, I think it would really bless you. But all I will say here on this post is our seeming obstacles eventually reveal themselves as the very path to Christ.

He is just that BIG and in control.

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    • Anna

      Thanks! Multiple people and I really need this! Many blessings on you!

    • Sue

      NOW this is perfect timing for me. I have so many opportunities to be weak, helpless, and now learning to lean on HIS BREAST for HIS solution and HIS word.
      Many are found in your post and videos. I love seeing you in person (it makes me
      feel as if I am in on the donkey visit!!!!!

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