All We Need is Love
Jesus is Love and if I let Him be my Life, then Love will express itself through my life and doings. Yes, it is true, all we need is Love!
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The Hand of Providence
God's Providence is guidance on His creation. God’s hand of providence is seen all over but it benefits more completely the man yielded to being IN His Will.
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Woman freaking out
I know God has called me to serve, but I confess that I can put that calling first, before the motive of love for Him and the choice to do His will.
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Compartmentalized World – Secular and Sacred
It's a lie that there is a line of demarcation between that which is spiritual and sacred and that which is common. Reality cannot be compartmentalized.
Posted Jan. 24,2017 by | 3 Comments
Sowing the Seeds that BELIEVE
We reap what we sow, both the death and the Life. So what are we sowing right now? Are we sowing the seeds that BELIEVE or the seeds that doubt?
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2016 Was a Year of Suffering
By accompanying my friend in their difficult walk, I learned lots and lots about Who God is and what all of that could mean to us in our own suffering.
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lots of santas
My life is a celebration of Christ; I don’t need a single day of awareness but the world does.
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Celebrating the Light of the World
Of all the Christmas traditions, none are as symbolic to me as Christmas lights. We gaze at the lights as we're called to gaze at the Light of the world.
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Countdown to Madness
If I’m not willing to be sifted now, then I will not survive the coming quake. The countdown to madness is on and only God knows if we'll get a reprieve.
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War! What Is It Good For?
I wonder what this “petty” war of malfunctioning technology looks like in the heavens. Is there an angel pinned down with a solution somewhere up there?
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Perseverance, by its very nature, is accompanied by a wilderness. And that's especially hard in this day of instant gratification. We don't like waiting.
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Experiencing a New Heart
I love seeing evidence of the new heart God has given me. It’s one of my favorite adventures of the Christian life! But the timing is entirely God's.
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