The greatest potential damage of victims at the Las Vegas massacre isn't done by the bullets that fly through the air but something more sinister.
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The Earth is the Lord’s and the Fulness Thereof
The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof. This is God's house & it will be run just how He likes it. My opinion, objection and resistance mean nothing!
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Doing, Doing, Doing of the Doers
Anyone can preoccupy themselves with doing. Being a doer is simple. But who is behind all the doing of the doers? Is it the doer, or is it God?
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The Design is to Make Us Hate
There's an onslaught against my life begs me to source my energy in hate and discord, rather than love. Love is the Source of Life & hatred is the fuel for the devil.
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Victory Over Evil Is an Absolute Fact
If victory over evil is assured in Christ's triumph, if it is an absolute fact, then why does Satan seem so powerful? What are we missing here?
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Prodigal son, father receives his son
Whichever way you choose, God supports. It's amazing how much the prodigal's father supported his son's choice. He enabled him to go and held back nothing!
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Revisiting The Lord's Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most famous passage of scripture after John 3:16. But I too often mistake memorization with knowing – or even mastery.
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Holy Grail
This is the Holy Grail of all questions. “How do I let Christ live my life?” What does it mean to live "Not I But Christ" in reality?
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You Can’t Always Get What You Want
We as a species repeatedly rub our faces against the wall of our wants as opposed to just receiving our needs from God. You can’t always get what you want!
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Do Not Rely on Your Own Insight
“Do not rely on your own insight or understanding.” How much of my unbelief in Jesus Christ stems from an idolatrous belief born of my own understanding?
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My Body is the Lord’s – His Power Over My World
I AM over your body! Your body is under My control, not your circumstances nor your dominance, for I wield your body as MY instrument to make Myself known.
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man under gears
I choose what to believe and WHOM to believe. Every day. That’s what makes it my work to believe, to hold fast to God’s promises when they seem impossible.
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