The Shame of You Will Be Like God
There is a shame that comes from trying to be like God without God. We become ashamed, and rightly so, when we attempt to be like God, without God.
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The Purpose of Dysfunction
I am not lifting up shame, triggers or dysfunction as a virtue in themselves and certainly not holy, but do our triggers and dysfunction have no purpose? Not so much!
Posted Feb. 24,2022 by | 1 Comments
Believing shame over God is to prevent being who He’s created me to be. Rather than seeking God on this matter, I defined it through shame.
Posted Feb. 14,2022 by | 2 Comments
The Fundamentals of Shame Reading
Reading has always been a weakness of mine. It has caused me huge shame, and it’s funny coming from one who is now an author.
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Thinking Apart From God Brings Shame
Shame is the destructive result of thinking apart from God. Going outside of the realm of God’s definition of my reality is to enter shame.
Posted Feb. 7,2022 by | 4 Comments
My Personal Shame and Discipline
I would like to share with you a personal shame that I think personifies the struggle, the lie and the damage.
Posted Feb. 3,2022 by | 3 Comments
Our Shame Grieves the Holy Spirit
I never knew this, but as I was speaking to a brother the other day and this phrase fell out of my mouth: our shame grieves the Holy Spirit.
Posted Jan. 27,2022 by | 3 Comments
Thinking of our lives as a canvas, His masterpiece is found directly in His Will. Our masterpiece is found in the center of His Will.
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The End is What We Want
In the end, we will have the reality for which we petitioned. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us for the choices we make!
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Living Essentials in a Nonessential World
All of life is about our priorities and choice. It's living in my essentials is to find my God even as I walk in a world lost in nonessentials.
Posted Dec. 13,2021 by | 6 Comments
Seventh Day Living: The Intention of Sabbath Rest
Once we set aside a day for rest, now that same rest has overtaken us. We're called to live in the continual day of rest, a sabbath for all.
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Jesus and Samaritan woman
We need many days where we stop life and consider our blessing. But there is something better than a holiday, even as wonderful as Thanksgiving is.
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