men naked in barrel
To “lean” is to go completely empty, looking for His filling. Coming with NO opinions, no thoughts and no strength.
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woman leaning on man
The Lord is looking for an eradication of any fear, doubt, worries and anxiety. He wants me to live leaning.
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man riding scateboard
When mind off-roading in anxiety, we'll surely drop into a ditch of LAW & GUILT. If anxiety is in the ascendance, you can guarantee that His peace in me is declining.
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man shocked
Anxiety is addictive, deadly and used by Satan to destroy its users. Like a soccer mom on meth, I have used adrenaline just to get my day done.
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Attaining to Sonship - Resurrection Life - Art Katz
The condition for Christ's Life as my life is forfeiting of my own. In this message Art presenting what it is to live in the resurrection Life of Christ.
Posted Nov. 20,2017 by | 2 Comments
Attaining to Sonship - Christ's Life Revealed
Art explores what it looks like when Christ’s Life is revealed in us. The Life of Jesus waits on a body that will allow Him to be the source of their life.
Posted Nov. 16,2017 by | 7 Comments
I Shall Ask Nothing
‘And in that day you shall ask Me nothing.’ In this post Art explores the day when we shall ask no longer of the Father.
Posted Nov. 13,2017 by | 6 Comments
My Life, His Life
Christ in me is a huge paradox. It’s the mystery of the Gospel and my hope of glory. But it doesn't supersede another amazing gift of the Father to my life: free will.
Posted Nov. 2,2017 by | 8 Comments
Do I Lose Me in Christ in Me?
Do I lose me when Christ is me? Is my person eliminated in this transaction? Do I cease to exist because He now is my life? Is this Christ in me?
Posted Oct. 30,2017 by | 8 Comments
Is the Persecution of the Church an Answered Prayer?
Could this era of anarchy, hatred, and rebellion simply be the foundation for the revival for which we have been praying?
Posted Oct. 23,2017 by | 6 Comments
Revelation of God
When we settle into a revelation of God rather than God Himself, He might bring another facet of His truth to keep us knowing Him, not just the revelation.
Posted Oct. 19,2017 by | 3 Comments
So many work to overcome rather than letting the Overcomer conquer in us but life is impossible if it’s managed and manhandled by us we must live dead.
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