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I have two posts brewing in me: one on Obamacare, as it relates to my post “Habitual Care for Self,” and the other is a clarification on my last post, “Why Love Grows Cold.”  I think the Lord is directing me to work on the cold love post for now, but stay tuned for the other.  Same bat time, same bat channel! In my last post, I told of how the enemy is attacking our love through the discouragement we suffer as evil increases.  And Steve commented on that post that this happens as we look away from the Lord and focus on the evil.  This is so true.  When I cast my eyes from the Lord and focus on evil, the Lord fades into the background of my vision.

Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. Matthew 24:12 NASB

But I want to clarify who I was addressing when I warned of love growing cold.  I was speaking about something so much trickier than just watching the horrors of nightly news.  I was writing about the toll of having your very life and destiny tied to rebellious people.  You know, when you are set to watch over someone else’s soul, and they resist God and ever turn from Godly counsel.  The ones who are more goats than sheep, but even still are under your charge. It’s one thing to not focus on evil and gaze on the Lord, but it is quite another when that evil is planted in your fellowship, or lives in your house, or is in your view every day without fail.  Yes, when your very own destiny is tied to them, and your heart is engaged through the love God gives you for them. It’s laying down your life for your brother to see Christ formed in him.  I was addressing those chosen souls who will answer with their very lives for the people God has put in their care. That is the very love that Satan attacks and wants to make grow cold. So the cold love post was not for the carefree soul who has no responsibility for another.  But you know, even Jennifer, who has been saved for just two and a half years, says she has people God has tied her to, and she’s vested.  So though I really was addressing the people in leadership, it’s a difference of only degrees.  Every born-again believer will answer to God for the souls He entrusted to them. We are our brother’s keeper. Yesterday Martha gave me the wisdom about the despair: Christ has a purpose for it. When we break under the weight of discouragement and frustration, when we hit the rock rather than speak to it, God is looking for one thing.  The desperation that cries out, “ENOUGH, I can’t do it!” On the grave of my efforts and striving, there His resurrected life can rise.  The Lord takes us over the brink so He can be the totality of the Solution. So oddly enough, the cold love – the frustration with resistant believers, the collapse of my attempting to get them to see – kills all my efforts to be the Life.  As Martha has said, Moses had to fail—he was the best that human strength had to offer.  And at the end of every day . . . that just isn’t enough.

What the law could not do since it was limited by the flesh, God did. He condemned sin in the flesh by sending His own Son… Romans 8:3 HCSB

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    • Sam

      Thank you John.

      I had some doubts when reading you today. We know the line is thin between “being responsible for other person” and “let them have their choice.” The thin line between taking a burden it is not yours to take, and taking a burden it is yours to take… and in relationships the line can get really thin. I know you know that line so well.

      Anyway… in what way we are “keepers of our brothers”? (And I think this is a calling not only to “pastors” or “leaders”, but instead to all believers because “we are to take care of one another.”)

      But… up to what point are we responsible for others? Have you ever been unburden from people you were responsible of by the Lord Himself?

      I understand perfectly your post, but I would like somehow to get a little deeper in this.


    • me

      Yes Sam quite assuredly a very thin line………

    • Andrea

      much much to ponder here. …..thanks for sharing ….

    • helen whaley

      “The cold love, the frustration”…..”the collapse of my attempting to get them to see….kills all my efforts to be the Life.” Being brought to tears makes it too clear, clear enough to see ‘the line’ by the Spirit. If we’re still ‘in it’ with our busy considerations, we haven’t laid down our life for the brethren…..and only Christ can lay our life down, by the cross. Any time I step over into whacking the rock, thinking I must help ever so nicely, get them to see, tell them myself what I think they need to know…..instead of falling on the rock and speaking to the rock…..I bring confusion and worse. Only Life can bring Life….and if I stay hidden IN CHRIST, Life will flow when I know it and when I don’t know it, or when I least expected Him to come as He did.

      • Tina

        Yes Helen that is what I am discovering also. I have taught, I have “preached”, I have prayed, I have tried to control…but God is opening my eyes to see the path of quiet submission, laying my life down, not defending myself, not teaching or correcting, but by letting Him be God and being hidden in Him. I am having to be broken deeply, I have having to let Him teach me the way inwardly in attitude of heart. It is becoming like Him…it requires death but the fruit is indeed His life.

    • Tina

      Yes and amen. I see that in my own heart and in the heart of those that I have been entrusted to shepherd that it seems that the Word is often not heard or that it is rejected. But the Word that God speaks goes into the soul of the heart and bears fruit in it’s season. We cannot see what is taking place in the darkness of the soil of the heart. Martha has shared words with me that I did not seem to hear in my quick response but the Words that I was suppose to hear I continued to come back too and stand on, allowing God to wash away all of my other paths.
      Also when I have poured myself into another inevitably as soon as I say, “I have done all I can do” God does it!
      It is true! He alone is God!

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