Break Dividing Walls — End Isolation

My post on Monday really resonated with a number of people. I had several reach out to affirm how it deeply hit them right where they were. I love when the Spirit does this. They were people struggling who received voice to their struggle. For this I rejoice—break dividing walls! 

One was a brother who sent me a quote from the book Unwanted by Jay Stringer. It speaks directly to the point I was making. 

Richard Rohr argued that the more damaging aspect of someone’s life is not his or her failure but being disconnected from others. When we disconnect from community and our Maker, the inevitable fallout will be lives that wither and rot.  The distinction is paramount for you to understand. You do not wither and rot because of your sin; you wither in sin because you are disconnected from the Vine (page 213). 

These words are amazing. This last statement is super impacting. When I am disconnected from the Vine, I wither! The Vine is Christ and our fellow branches are the Body of Christ. Simply when we are isolated we die. WOW!

Break Dividing Walls

Break Dividing Walls
I am purposing in my life to break dividing walls. I remember in the 90’s a song that could be the anthem for this topic. It is speaks of the John 17 reality as well as shredding of the walls of division that isolated and separate us. It is Break Dividing Walls by Vineyard worship leader David Ruis. He always had a soft spot in my heart and when I heard it again in relation to this post all I could do is smile. 

If Love is our source, then John 17 is our purpose. Of course I would want to break dividing walls. And I can take this one step further. True Church is when the Father and the Son are one within the members of His Body, it’s actually fellowship of the Godhead between individual members of His Body. THIS is true unity and union. This is the death of isolation and separation because Christ is the center and we flourish in Him as the Vine. 

It isn’t agreement, proximity, corporate unity—no, it is oneness in HIM. Church is when we are made one in the oneness of Christ and the Father. Unhindered fellowship between the Godhead makes you and I…Church. This is an end to isolation and the breaking of the dividing walls that separate us and prevent us from thriving.

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