Embrace God’s Plan with ‘His Will Alone’

Today, I want to share the exciting news that “His Will Alone” has spread its wings to soar and is now available on Kindle eBook and print form on Amazon.com. It promises to reshape the way we perceive our paths in life. “His Will Alone,” illuminates our existence in God’s Will. In this thought-provoking book, […]

Weakness Can Trigger Shame

In a culture, where weakness is a four letter word, the reality of boasting in our weakness seems profane. Additionally, seeing weakness as beautiful is off putting at best, but more often grotesque to the heart of man. Weakness requires dependence and faith in the character and person of God. The Apostle Paul boasted in […]

Loudest Struggles Not Majority

In my journey of addressing shame and writing a book on overcoming it, I’ve made some profound discoveries. One of them is that our loudest struggles often appear larger than they actually are. Just because our shame has a LOUD voice, it doesn’t always mean it’s the largest part of who we are. Loud Parts […]

The Sovereign Touch of God

“Deep down in our core we know that if God is truly sovereign, then we have to face the truth that things happened to us that hurt us and He didn’t stop them.”   JOHN ENSLOW, THE SOVEREIGN TOUCH   With compassion and grace, John Enslow goes straight to the heart of the matter in […]

Lord of the Sovereign Touch

For the born-again believer, sovereignty should be the normal Christian life reality. But understanding a truth doesn’t necessarily coincide with receiving it. Jesus Christ is Lord – this is reality. But to know Christ as Lord is quite a different thing. We have a personal God who is relational in every aspect. The Lord Jesus […]

Storyline of Life: The Sovereign Touch

Every storyline worth telling is fraught with crisis, challenge, and victory.  We watch these scenarios in movies, read them in books, and are captivated by them through the verbal telling. We just love a good story. It’s like it’s ingrained in us to crave them. We celebrate them, and sometimes we even ask for them […]

The Sovereign Touch

The Sovereign Touch from a Sovereign God Is God sovereign over this world? Is He sovereign over the evil I see daily? Does His sovereignty include being over elections, governments, and leaders? What about disasters and devastation? Does His sovereignty actually include things beyond the church? Does God’s sovereign hand work things together for Him […]

Defeating Toxic Shame

Toxic shame makes a negative “I am” statement against our self. Statements like, “I am worthless! I am disgusting! I am stupid! I am flawed! I am not enough! I am of no value!” All these shame statements assign, as well as labels us, as unworthy and contemptible. These types of I am statements go […]

Connection Journey from Shame

I wanted to take a moment to share something truly transformative with all of you. I recently had the honor of taking part in an absolutely outstanding training session. It was among the best I’ve ever had, and it brought me to a pivotal understanding. It is impossible to overestimate the significance and power of […]

Fantasy versus Dreams… Hope ?!

During a session of small group coaching, I was talking about the difference between fantasy and dreams. I made an observation that was fascinating to me: perhaps HOPE is the only thing that distinguishes fantasy from dreams! Now, I’m not talking about the dreams we have while we are asleep. I’m referring to the ones that […]

Love of Self Prevents Cold Love

I would like to circle back around to the topic of the loving of self. I feel like I have explored intently the issue of love grown cold and how destructive it is to ourselves and our world. But all this cold love stems from the absence of loving God and loving self. Love of […]

Love One Another for Revival to Come

Last Wednesday I wrote about Love as it relates to revival. I searched so many documents from the great revivalists, but something was missing. Most of them stated that we must have love for God to see revival happen, but what they all failed to mention was love for my neighbor. I’m not speaking of […]

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