Shame: A Journey to Healing Together

The other day, I had a transformative coaching session centered around my upcoming book “Overcoming Shame.” The experience left me in awe of the power of inviting someone into your recovery journey and the profound impact it can have on our lives. It became clear to me that overcoming shame is not a solitary journey—it […]

Rising Above Shame: A Journey of Transformation

Rising Above Shame

Have you ever felt trapped in a web of shame, unable to escape its suffocating grip? It’s a universal struggle, one that often leaves us questioning our worth and purpose. But what if, instead of succumbing to shame’s disabling force, we viewed it as a signal for course correction? In a world where shame has […]

The Holiday Paradox: Gratitude and Overcoming Shame

As we navigate the holidays, thoughts about gratitude, thanks, and overcoming shame have been swirling in my mind. The holidays are touted as a time of joy, blessings, and family, but can paradoxically become one of the most triggering times of the year, especially for those grappling with shame. In this post, I want to […]

Shame Roots in Comparison

Shame Roots in Comparison

I’m excited to share a little sneak peek into the journey I’m currently on—a journey that involves navigating the complex landscape of shame. Why, you ask? Because it’s the essence of the book I’m pouring my heart and soul into, and the prospect of bringing forth a guide to overcoming shame has me teeming with […]

Coaching: Why You Need a Thought Partner

I wanted to write about the power of coaching and the profound perspective shift that it brings. In our lives, we often find ourselves seeking advice, looking for quick fixes, and outsourcing our decisions to others, much like the story of Moses and the Israelites. (Exodus 20:18-21) The children of Israel wanted Moses to go […]

Embracing Weakness as Strength

In a world that often tells us to hide our weaknesses and put on a facade of strength, the journey of overcoming shame shines a light on the power of vulnerability. In Episode #855 of the Divine Designed Life Podcast, I explore the profound connection between weakness, shame, and the strength of faith. Through raw, […]

Living Beyond Shame: Naked and Unashamed

Shame is a relentless presence that often haunts the human experience, casting a long shadow over our lives. But what if we could break free from the suffocating grip of shame and step into a realm where vulnerability is not a source of deep discomfort but a path to divine liberation? I want to explore […]

Overcoming Shame and Embracing Divine Purpose

I want to share something that has been on my mind – a challenge I’ve been wrestling with. I recently released my book “His Will Alone” while at the same time working on the book on overcoming shame. My dilemma was how to connect and integrate these two seemingly distinct messages. I didn’t want my […]

Beware of Shame

Today, I’m continuing to delve deep into a topic that often lurks in the shadows of our lives, affecting us more profoundly than we realize – shame. As I continue work on my upcoming book, “Overcoming Shame,” I’ve come to understand just how cunning and destructive this emotion can be. The project I’m working on, […]

Empathy: The Key to Overcoming Shame

In a world where vulnerability can often be misconstrued as weakness, it’s essential to recognize the power of empathy in our journey toward healing from the effects of shame. In Episode #861 of the Divine Designed Life Podcast, I discuss the profound impact of empathy on overcoming shame and embracing healing. Empathy vs. Sympathy In […]

Breaking the Chains of Shame: Discovering Wholeness

I wanted to continue to delve into the topic of shame. As I’ve been working on my book about overcoming shame, I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the subject. The power to overcome and ultimately destroy shame is truly remarkable. It’s a beautiful journey that leads to freedom from shame’s devastation, and isolation. Let’s dive into […]

A Living Invitation to His Will Alone

I was being coached the other day, and my coach asked me a pregnant question about the subject of my new book, His Will Alone. He asked: What is God’s dream for this book? I was floored and flummoxed by the weight of these words. Part of me wanted to tear up at the poignance […]

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