I am Rich and Blessed in the Will of God

I am Rich and Blessed in the Will of God

In my last post I was bold to say that we can live where the blessing of God is irrevocable. For them who are in the Will of God blessing is assured regardless of circumstance. Circumstance doesn’t dictate whether or not we receive the blessing from a situation. As we live in the Will of God, even that which is intended to hurt us can bless us.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.
Genesis 50:20

Looking at life through the lens of sovereignty, there is a deep purpose to everything and through everything we will be blessed! By walking in God’s Will, everything will turn around and bless us. This is the fruit of loving God and surrendering to His purposes. Truly, God works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

In Obedience to the Will of God

In Obedience to the Will of God
It seems audacious to say that the child of God can only be blessed. But I have found this to be true. Yet remember, I showed that the family of God are those in obedience to the Will of the Father (seen in Matthew 12:48-50). So I don’t get to just rubber stamp my life with His blessing just because I call myself a Christian. I can’t live counter to the Will of God and expect the blessing of living in His Will. And even though blessing is the result of every situation for this one in the Will, it doesn’t mean that all circumstances are easy. No, there will be hardship, trouble, and difficulty, even in the Will. But ultimately everything will bless me because I am His. EVERYTHING!

All things for the child in the Will are for INCREASE. I am being increased and will continue to be increased by following His Will. For where I sow is from where I will reap. Often this requires great faith. Just like a seed planted in the dirt, I have to have faith in the process of the seeds growth. But inevitably it will emerge and flourish. How much more to him who sows into the Will of God.

As long as this remains only a principle it doesn’t have the power of boots on the ground. So I wanted to give you an example of this. As I said I have witnessed it in many situations both in my life and in the lives of others. But most of these situations are either deeply personal or could unduly expose others. So I will keep it in the realm of the Word. Let’s look at Joseph.

Joseph in the Will of God

Joseph in the Will of God
Joseph’s life expresses this reality so hugely. While any saint living in the Will of God has this evident, Joseph is a super dramatic demonstration of this truth. Joseph was a man chosen of God, who was committed to His Will. No, he wasn’t perfect, but he was setup to receive the richness of blessing. Sovereignly he was elected to shine and rule and this he would do.

Joseph’s family saw this bright spotlight of God’s favor. It was reflected in the love and favor of his father Jacob. His eleven brothers hated him for it. So much so that they tried to extinguish him and his favorable light. “He won’t rule over us!” they said, but their resistance to God and hatred for Joseph didn’t quench God’s light, nor thwart His plans. In actuality, their hatred and murderous heart only assisted in ushering Joseph into the position of blessing. It is the same for all of us.

The lot of Joseph’s life was a continual display of blessing regardless of circumstance. Joseph had to live his life in faith beyond the suffering. He stood in the truth that God was good, no matter how hated he was. Person after person came into Joseph’s life with their infectious disease of God hating but Joseph was not infected. He loved God and stood in God’s Will regardless of the situation. Even with all the hardships he endured, he would remain the golden child, whose being chosen could not be quelled. Actually beyond his simple endurance, each hateful act led him closer to his blessedness.

The Blessing of Joseph

The Blessing of Joseph
Nothing could rob Joseph of his blessedness. No one could defeat him or God’s plan for his life. And even his own discouragement and doubt didn’t deter God from blessing Joseph. Could it be so for us also, or is this just a nice Bible tale? I assure you it is not a fable, it is a living reality for ALL who follow the Will of God.

Right now I don’t know what you are personally going through and you don’t know what I am dealing with either, but I do know this. As we stand in the Will of God, we will see His increase. We will receive His divine blessing and will be made spiritually rich.

Personal Will of God

At the moment I am personally finding that the Covid19 delay on my books being printed is actually an opportunity to increase their power and anointing. Boy is sovereignty not tested in the midst of crisis. I could sink beneath the waves of discouragement for what seems like an endless delay but the Lord is revealing it as a set up to increase their power and anointing. I will be blessed and made spiritually rich through and from this because I am in the Will of God. It is taking trust, faith, and confidence in God.

While this may seem trivial as compared to Joseph’s great trials or in the light of all that is happening right now, this is about my fruitfulness and calling. I have followed His will to receive these revelations and wrote them in keeping with His Will. To have them setting on the shelf is a death, not because I want any accolades and acknowledgement but because they are a reflection of His Life and Will for me.

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    • Anna

      Yes yes yes! I’m seeing this in the lives of those closest to me in Christ! God’s will is going to be done!

    • Don Hartness

      “…even his own discouragement and doubt didn’t deter God…” Wise words for a troubling time. Thank you John.

    • Helen

      God’s Will is where we tell our love to Him. To stand inside God’s Will through the process that is longer & different than we thought it would be, where things can look refutable in our surrender, there trust holds our heart..to Him..& we are richly blessed. We will be blessed to be a blessing, & that is a sight of Christ! We choose to the end. God chose us, to be in our place in His purpose, & we choose Him back…IN God’s ‘at the right time’. The fullness of God’s purpose is in our process, our speck of obedience becomes Sight of His Glory & Goodness. Thank you for this…for all the places God deals with each of us. And oh John, for what you gave about how Joseph’s purpose would’ve been thwarted if he’d ‘gotten out of’ his process any sooner, any other way. I need that in my heart!

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