Blaming the Creator

lieutenant dan anger at god

So when key figures – those individuals who have formative control of our lives – disappoint us, who is it that we blame? At the core, it’s always God! I’d love for my offense to remain upon a single “human” individual, but alas, it does not. We blame the Creator for failing us when we have not been placated. Our anger might focus on a person but at the end of the day, God is the one to blame.  When we believe that an authority has wronged us, especially one placed there by God, God is the one we blame. Blaming God is just a typical response.

This is when most start to squirm and wriggle. Sure, I can blame someone for their abuse, but to point my bony finger blaming God is quite a different thing. If my Creator designed a scenario that hurt me, then I am helpless. I can hate, fight and curse a man, but when my wounds are designed by God, I have no recourse. Certainly I can scream at the sky like Lieutenant Dan in the movie Forest Gump, but I am still at God’s mercy.

As a son of Adam, do I like the immutable fact that I am subject to God? Absolutely not! But the reality still remains. I was created for His pleasure and am His to do with as He pleases. Do I say this with sour grapes? No! Because we have a good God, I am ultimately safe – but the vulnerability is still daunting.

I’m looking at several unchangeables in my life. Plans and designs placed there by God. Suffice it to say, the presence of each of them together makes me utterly dependent. They’re living facts that leave me utterly cast on the mercy of God. I can’t take a step without running into the reality of my dependency on God. The issues I refer to are monumental, not minor. My callings, my God-designed make up, ME. I’m inescapably bound within a dependency clause.

So is He trustworthy? Are His plans a safe place for my heart and life? The answer is an emphatic yes. But I will still have to abandon myself to a blind trust. This surrender can be a bitter pill, but it’s faith, a faith that so pleases Him. It’s yielding to trust the One whom I have doubted, feared, and often resisted. But He’s Our Father who is utterly trustworthy and who loves our unreserved reliance on Him.

What are mere mortals that you should think about them, human beings that you should care for them? Yet you made them only a little lower than God and crowned them with glory and honor. You gave them charge of everything you made, putting all things under their authority—
Psalm 8:4-6 NLT

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    • sAM

      “My wounds are designed by God”


    • LA

      Today’s blog flows into the stream of rich revelation coming from this Body of Christ…like arteries bringing oxygen and nourishment into the deepest parts of us. What a perspective! THE Creator of the Universe LOVES us and made us a little lower than Himself…

    • Ricardo Palmira. S.

      Jesús nos Ama. Es increible Vivir y andar En Su Camino. Les bendecimos y gracias por lo que Dios nos da a través de uds.


        A translation: “Jesus Loves us. It is amazing to live and walk in His Pathway. We bless you and thank you for what God gives us through you.”

    • Tammy

      Thank you John!

      “I was created for His pleasure and am His to do with as He pleases.”

      All too often we are spoon fed these truths. I appreciate your up-front, no-holds-barred, clear-cut sharing of His love. If we see it as anything thing else I would question whether it is Him who we really know and view as God.

      Bless you,

    • Dave

      I hear you, but the things God chooses to allow, perhaps even orchestrates, leave me fearing him, believing him, but not loving him, at the end of ElizAbeth Elliot’s book No Graven Image, asks the question, “and does He now, I asked myself at the graveside, ask me to worship Him?” She doesn’t answer.

      I want to love, to worship but… I do not understand

      • Sam

        Hi Dave,

        Yes, I understand completely your point. My own conclusion in my own life is that I cannot do what God asks of me… only He can do it. That’s why we love Him, because He does it, and He does it simply, perfectly and lovingly (all of which I am ABSOLUTELY incapable of).


      • John Enslow

        Dear Dave,
        Your question is precisely the issue. How do I love a God who orchestrates painful situations in my life. How do I cast myself upon His mercies and love Him? I am continuing to explore this topic of God’s sovereignty on this blog in the next few weeks. And then I will launch into the higher reality of His transcendence. I hope you will follow along!

        I would like to recommend two items for your reading. Both are by Martha Kilpatrick. One is the book All and Only and the other is the booklet titled The Great Lie. I feel they will help answer your question.

        God bless you Dave and thank you for reading the blog,

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