The Benefits of Being Wounded

The Benefits of Being Wounded

The Lord intends us to gain a living benefit from those things in our life that have wounded us. In His sovereign order He writes into our story things that have wounded us. And while these sufferings make us dependent on Jesus’ Life to experience victory, that is not the only reason. His ultimate plan is for us to receive His Lordship over these events and allow His Life to come forth from these ashes to become vessels of healing and wholeness. There are benefits of His wounding, but we have to pursue the Father to access them.

Suffering and Being Wounded

Suffering and Being Wounded
By receiving our suffering from God’s hands He turns our pain into wholeness. While to resist our story, is to perpetuate the pain and become one who wounds. When we accept His sovereign story written on our life then He transforms our lives into a source of His healing for us and for others. Our acceptance opens us up to receive His wholeness.

The Lord doesn’t haphazardly inflict pain in our lives but to gain the benefits of His choices, we have to yield to His sovereign plan. It is a life or death proposition. To receive or not to receive is to open ourselves to heavens purposes and plans. The alternative is to wither under the weight of our resistance.

Witness of Suffering

Witness of Suffering
I have been witness to this process in many lives. The wake from resistance is further suffering and pain, while the open-hearted receiver becomes a beacon of His Light and Life. It comes down to being a victim or a victor.

Here is the long and short of this tale. We can never access the living reality of the exchange of Christ’s Life without receiving His Authored story in our lives. God’s sovereignty and His exchanged Life are paired closely together.

Moreover we know that to those who love God, who are called according to His plan, everything that happens fits into a pattern for good.
Romans 8:28 Phillips

Today, whenever we encounter or face a problem, an obstacle, a conflict, let’s see it with new eyes — as a potential blessing. As part of God’s redemption to work it out for good.

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    • Sandy

      Heeeeyyyyy! Johnny! Good to see you again!!😃

      I very much enjoy the contact and connection you are making with your videos! They are wonderful on so many levels! The Life you speak of, and that speaks through yours… The distracting beauty of nature all around you… And it feels like we met along the way and stopped for a Life filled chat!

      Can’t wait for those next videos! Thanks for always coming back again and for sharing Life with us!❤

      • Sue

        OH Sandy, I must join your comments, you expressed so beautifully. I say YES and AMEN!!!!!

    • Pauline

      Good morning. I still have those 2 messages: Joy of Weakness and Leaning on Your Beloved (on cassette tape!) and I’ve gone back to, especially the Joy of Weakness, many times.
      Love the video and am receiving your message, John
      Be blessed!

    • Stella

      Wow~! That’s how the Life of Christ works in and through me?!!😲😃
      Amazing revelation I received through your message!!
      Now i look back on my past, every details as far as i can remember in terms of pains & wounds, that’s how God has planned, orchestrated & ordained them in my life so that i can experience the Life of Christ in order to be transformed into His image and share His Life with others…😃
      And Yes, He has always indeed redeemed them all in His perfect Love faithfully and i am learning & growing into Him still….
      I accept His Ways of molding me into His image.. beautiful hand of God..
      Sufferings… now I think i know why the saints were able to embrace them as gifts from God..
      Thank you so much John!
      I have been really enjoying your & Martha’s brilliant revaluations concerning Christ!
      Thank you all! 😊😘❤️😍

    • Helen

      Wounds….Love’s piercing. He..brings..our stories, to our hearts. In everything, He knows us, & writes our story to reveal His Victory & His Sovereign Reign. To meet God is to meet crippling, & all ‘proficiency’ is gone. I have resisted, feared…this silence, my weakness, my nothingness. I see You, Jesus, but I cannot bring You into the open, tell You to ‘come’, to BE…evident in…me. Oh dear God, forgive me. Ah, but You ARE Evident! GOD. He writes my weakness to Right it. You portion the beat of my heart, the living-life-ness in me. The strength for each day..comes from You, my weakness knows it well. Oh the stories God has written, those whose suffering brought Life, many that would hardly believe they still speak. What God does is eternal. Those places in my story…treasured gift of God. I love to sing my worship-prayer, & listen… ‘There YOU are, upon The Throne, Reigning!’
      Your videos are the next best thing to bring there! Love them! Thank you John!

    • David Denlinger

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