Benefits When I Create for His Pleasure

Benefits When I Create for His Pleasure

In my last post I expressed the heart’s struggle to live for an audience of One. It can be deeply difficult to make it our aim to please God alone. But this is not a thankless endeavor. I am no martyr to His preference; I receive benefits when I create for His pleasure.

Deeper Relationship for His Pleasure

Deeper Relationship for His Pleasure
There are huge personal benefits to living for the audience of One. Yes, it still does benefit me personally. It isn’t like God has us expend our lives into a dark vacuum of thanklessness. There’s personal purpose to living for His pleasure alone. One of the key benefits for me is a deeper relationship with Him. When I create or work to gain His smile alone, I have to focus on Him. In this I experience Him in relationship. Also we have the privilege of witnessing His creativity through us. Yes, we get to experience His own creative expression through us as we look at Him, not man. My work becomes my enjoyment of His Life. In this place there is a joy of union! Contrast this union with when I do things strictly for others; I become their puppet on a string. When I work to be seen, I’m a slave to garner affection rather than to please Christ. This robs me of the joy and freedom I have by interacting with God through my work.

Create Pure Expression

 Create Pure Expression
Another benefit of not working to get the notice or acclaim of man is pure expression. When I create with the motivation to satisfy others, my decisions and directions are made to please, not express truth. When I have a motivation to be seen or heard, my life is sullied by the selfishness of pleasing man. By doing this, my work will never carry the power and life it could.

For example, if a songwriter writes their songs in order to be popular with people, their songs will be caged by the confinements of what man thinks. I contend that their true genius and unique expression will never come out in these songs. On the contrary, the expression will be formulaic and uninspired. This is true about the rest of life as well.

Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment
The reality is that even if nobody takes note of the things I write, paint, or create for work, I still benefit from the creating! I am enriched by my creative process! And if I create for God and I alone, it is pure of man-pleasing contamination. My art is as real as I am willing to be with my heart, and I grow in the process.

So to recap, living for God’s pleasure is hugely beneficial. I’m given further avenues of relationship between God and myself. Yes, I increase in my knowledge of Him, says Colossians 1:10. As I express my life for the audience of One, it brings Him pleasure! I am enriched by creating with Him and what I create is richer and more meaningful. And lastly, what I produce is a truer reflection of my heart. It is impossible to express genius while pleasing man.

For the child of God, our focus has to remain on God and pleasing Him to be creative. This is with our art, our work, and our life. There is a unique connection with the true CREATOR when we purpose to please Him with all that we create.

I’m obviously not trying to flatter you or water down my message to be popular with men, but my supreme passion is to please God. For if all I attempt to do is please people, I would not be the true servant of the Messiah.
Galatians 1:10 TPT


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    • David

      So hope filled!

      • So pleased it has encouraged you Dave. Bless you and love you!

    • Sandy

      I guess we don’t naturally think God pays that much attention to us or that we are actually that pleasing to Him… To actively seek covering and cleansing from our sins truely opens our eyes to His pleasure in us and our desire to please Him and all the satisfaction and wholeness that comes from being loved and loving in return! The Great Artist of Love created us in His image, I can only wonder how beautiful His “final painting” will be!! Love you John!

      • Love you too Sandy! I wish it was as natural as breathing that we could believe in His loved, but I guess then it wouldn’t be faith. Looking to His final painting! ?

    • Alex

      Thank you for the reminder that we are created to reflect Him! That can only be done by looking at Him. Creativity is only through God. Is it possible that any other endeavor is simply an icon? I wonder…This is a fascinating subject, but I don’t want to miss the simple message.

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