Being Royal: The Majesty and Royalty of God

Being Royal: The Majesty and Royalty of God

With reverence and respect to the late Queen Elizabeth II, I wanted to repost a series of posts I did on what it means to be royal. The late Queen of England exemplified the nature and character of royalty. In her over 70 year reign she displayed the elegance of royalty and was an example to us all in what it is to be royal. As children of the Eternal King, we each have been given a visual picture of what it is to live in a kingdom. I am truly grateful I was given the opportunity to witness her life throughout my life. Through the good and the bad, she remained one thing—royal.

Being royal is not a position one gets through a desire to be royalty; it is bestowed through inheritance and by birth. Prince Harry didn’t choose to be a royal nor did Prince William choose to be the successor to the throne. These positions were inherited as their right and their responsibility. Their royal positions were granted to them by birth.

Being Royal – Being Royalty

Being Royal - Being Royalty
There is a choice in being royalty. A royal’s position has to be individually chosen; they have to choose to take up their responsibility as royalty. While they are royal through birth in divine election, the position must be received and accepted volitionally. As we saw with Prince Edward, there is a volitional choice that must take place to be in the royal position awarded by birth. Edward’s abdication was merely a rejection of the position of royalty that was bequeathed upon him as a birthright. He chose to take neither the position nor the responsibility as king, even though it was his right by birth.

Now why am I on this? Does this topic stem from my binge watching of the Netflix series The Crown? No! This post comes from a place much closer to home—my own royal position. I, too, have royal blood. And I also have to choose to take up my responsibility and live in my position as royalty. By right of my new birth, I am royal and I am given the choice to live as royalty.

Who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
John 1:13 KJV

My Being Royal and Royalty

My Being Royal and Royalty
My royal heritage was given to me by a Choice and a Bloodline that was not of my will. I was born-again into this Royal Line by God’s choosing. God chose me, bequeathed upon me, a heritage of The Royal Line. By right of my new birth, I am Royal. Now positionally, I must choose to live as royalty. I must take my place and responsibility to be royalty.

Prince William is a royal. This is an immutable fact. The Prince is royal because of his birth. He didn’t will to be royal at birth; he just was because of his bloodline. I am a royal, too. My rebirth was proof of this honor. I don’t do anything to maintain this bloodline. IT IS. What I do have to do is live as royalty. Volitionally, I have the choice to live beneath my station. I could dwell in the old man and live by the flesh. I can let my soul run my ship straight into an iceberg, if I wish. But as a royal son of the Most High God, I am royal. By birth and His choice, I am royal. In response, I live as royalty.

Being royal is being born into a royal family, but being royalty is living in the rank, status, power and authority of a monarchy. The amazing thing is when you are secure in your royal-ness, you can live in the humility of the responsibility of being royalty. Prince William doesn’t have to flaunt his being royal. He has the choice to live in the dignity of being a prince.

Born Again, Being Royal

Born Again, Being Royal and Royalty
As born-again children of the Most High, I think it is the hardest thing to live as royalty. Especially if you were one of those ones found and called from the highways and byways. We thieves and prostitutes often have a hard time accepting our Royal Bloodline. We must be convinced and entreated to forget our father’s house and cling to our Royal Beloved. Our rebirth makes us royal and our living in His Life makes us royalty. I choose to live not in the abdication, which is my flesh, but in my chosen position as royalty.

And those whom He thus foreordained, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified (acquitted, made righteous, putting them into right standing with Himself). And those whom He justified, He also glorified [raising them to a heavenly dignity and condition or state of being].
Romans 8:30 AMP

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    • LeAnn

      Your post today brought to mind a lovely woman from the British West Indies. Our sons attended high school together and she heard that I had been ill. So she came to help me clean my house once when I had been hospitalized. She was of meager means yet walked with such grace and dignity that people simply thought she was a very great and important person. She spoke humbly yet directly–quietly, so that the listener had to hang onto her words to understand at all!
      While cleaning out my refrigerator, she handled each item with great care. Everything was wiped clean before being returned to it’s place. She worked without the hurried impatience I usually do this task with; it was quite humbling.
      She KNEW her position in the Kingdom!

    • Nancy

      Love your phrase, “we must be convinced and entreated to forget our father’s house and cling to our Royal Beloved”. I have found this very true too, John. Thank you.

    • Stacy Allison Pratt

      I am a placement in Gods bloodline in America , SC upstate area and I was not passed the inharantance from my Aunt named Susan Daniel and Steve Daniel spends it. I need help to look into this because when I opened it it released a very amazing blessing yet as the bankers locked it back in Trust it was gone like a light switch I am a Sherman – Rockefeller Howie Pratt Surnames I need to get out of area i feel like they hold me a hostage. I am having trouble talked to the local officials they wont answer or do anything.

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