Will of God and Spiritual Ambition


Will of God and Spiritual Ambition
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: To thine own self be true: Spiritual Ambition.

Our culture today fosters ambition – fleshly ambition, spiritual ambition, and soulish ambition. “Be all you can be and more than you actually are!” Unfortunately, this is a tremendous disservice to those looking for direction. What’s more, it cultivates ingratitude and bitterness with God. Let me show you how.

Spiritual Ambition: Everyone Gets A Trophy

Spiritual Ambition: Everyone Gets A Trophy
There’s a problem with a culture where everyone gets a trophy and most are set on a path to be the greatest human expression of ME as possible. This pursuit inevitably fails to relegate that greater self to the Will of God. Countless people are sent out thinking they are going to be THE STAR of the Kingdom. “You will speak in front of millions,” “You will prophesy to Kings and princes, leaving them speechless,” “Your healing ministry will touch hundreds of thousands!” This is great if it’s true, but for MOST it isn’t. There are very few Billy Grahams in this world. Am I trying to discourage vision and hope? No, I am contending for the Will of God.

If I were called to be the prominent face of a worldwide ministry, then this would be His specific will for me. I’d have the grace and His Life to do it. But I’m speaking about the masses looking to be BIG when they’re relegated to something smaller. Anything beyond the Will of God is an ambition that leads to jealousy, coveting, and demonic activity.

Spiritual Ambition Versus The Will of God

Spiritual Ambition Versus The Will of God
This morning I was looking at my life and seeing the fact that I’ve never been the figurehead of greatness. All my successes have been confined to minimal exposure. And most have been for God alone. And in this, I’ve come to a place of peace and actual defense to be in the Will of God for my life. I don’t want more than His will allows!

The Life of Christ in me is a support of another’s ministry. I’m not the upfront face of Shulamite Ministries; I am an integral support of Martha’s ministry. Though I’ve had men come and say, “God will advance you soon,” I don’t look for it or even want that. I want to be in the Will of God for my life, not on the fast track of spiritual advancement.

When we find ourselves scratching and clawing for greatness, we’re actually just the world calling ourselves church. The Will of God is the only measure of success and greatness. And to the chagrin of many, that Will doesn’t often mean public greatness.

The Will of God is our highest standard of living and the greatest expression of life we can know. There’s no greater life than the one my Heavenly Father has made for me. And within His Will is also my complete fulfillment. The Will of God equals Life and His greatness in me!

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7 years ago

Not all but many in the religious atmosphere . . .church members are motivated “dare to be a Daniel” if we walk into a Christian bookstore today and all the books lined up on the shelves are self focused. Self Esteem – self confidence – self-worth – self-pity- etc…. selfie photos are plastered all over facebook – I have a family member who has probably 800 (selfie)pictures on facebook, “look at me” yet we see few books if any on the shelf about the pathway of humility or how to be humble or self-less serving. The musical bands in Christianity… Read more »

7 years ago


7 years ago

Beautifully said. Thank you for this.

Donna McManus
7 years ago

John, I am always humbly amazed when our Lord reveals much the same message to two or more of His people though they are physically separated. Such a sweet confirmation that there in only one body, one Lord, one Spirit. On October 22, 2015, I wrote in my journal, “Lord, I don’t want to settle for the plastic participation trophy the world, even the Christian world, wants me to settle for.” I had been reading and studying Colossians 3:23-24(“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men since you know that… Read more »

Bruce Dickey
7 years ago

AMEN my brother,
Very good word…
Our ambition must be Christ and nothing else.
We should be pondering His Word in us, not writing our own.


7 years ago


John, you are driving the car for the sake of Him. She is your sided passenger… and the car moves for the sake of those of us sitting in the rear seats. Therefore, your ministry to Him is all meant for the sake of Him… and we rejoice for this His VERY good pleasure.

LOVE abounds for you.

Annalie du Toit
7 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Mmm….comes like a breath of fresh air, this post. I thought while reading it, that it is a safe place in the centre of His will, even if it is in the very heart of hot fire. I also thought about Romans 12:3″…I warn everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought…”
Love from the rear seat!

7 years ago

Ah… you are so right. Flesh lusts for power (and there are many different kinds of power and all the subtleties of Satan whisper here). But as John said, the Spirit ambitions nothing but His will. Isn’t that amazing, Annalie?


7 years ago

Reading your post, painfully reminded of my own ambition to be the “star” of anything, Not that I ever was handed a trophy but in my heart of hearts I wanted one. Truth is I never worked hard enough at anything to win a trophy. However, “the Will of God” has been wrought into my life and hearts desire because of Martha in my life and the loving confrontation that has pierced my hard heart so that Jesus could come in and dwell and give me HIS desire to please the Father and want HIS will. Thank you for sharing… Read more »