The Self Life is Slavery and Sin


Anywhere that I am in the flesh, I am a slave. There’s only One Life that is not the slave-life and that is the Life of Christ. Every other attempt to live this life is from self and slavery. Yes, my every attempt is slavery. My life apart from Christ’s Life is slavery. So, if I am working, living, being in the flesh, then I am a slave. ONE Life and only One Life is free from slavery—Christ’s.

Slavery and Sin

Slavery and Sin
I expect this from blatant sin; for if I am in sin, I am a slave to sin. But what of the good that I do; is that included? Yes, if I am doing it then it’s slavery. This is because in myself I am a slave to sin. My old nature is the slave nature. The only resolve to his state of being is to die.

Anywhere I am in the flesh, I am in sin. Is this taking it too far? Could this be true? Is everything I do sin, bar Christ’s own performance? Yes, I believe so. It is all about source. “A good tree can’t produce bad fruit, and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit” (Luke 6:43 NLT). My nature inherited from Adam and Eve is a sin nature. This nature is a bad tree. By choosing the Tree of Knowledge, we chose the bad tree from which NO good comes. The self-life is sin-life.

Here is one of the bottom line examples from scripture: Abraham and his children. The difference between the slave and the freewoman and the children they bore was simply this: “I Do It!” or “God Does It!” From the freewoman has come the child of promise and line of Christ. “You Samaritans know very little about the one you worship, while we Jews know all about Him, for salvation comes through the Jews” (John 4:22 NLT). God chose to bring His blessing through the line of Isaac. Whereas the fruit of the slave woman, even to this day, is death and destruction. The effort of Sarah and Abraham to “assist” God has brought about heartache and contention. And with this being said, God’s grace is still able to overcome.

Self Life Serves Self

Self Life Serves Self
The flesh can do nothing but serve self and love self. There is no faith in flesh and without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Flesh only believes in what serves self – this isn’t faith. If I can do or perform it, I need no faith, only belief that I can. On the other hand, Christ’s Life always serves the Father and surrenders to His Will. His Life is the Life that I have been given to reign in me. His mysterious Life expresses His Life, Love, and Will in and through me. This is the ONLY Life that pleases the Father, and the only Life that gains eternal reward and expresses His Kingdom reality.

The work to receive this is but a ‘yes.’ I have believed even the exchanged life was about my effort. But, no! It is as easy as, “Yes Father, I choose You over me.” And with this agreement, His Life begins to express itself through us. There isn’t an effort or striving to make it happen, there’s only the work to believe. To have faith that Christ is our Life and faith that He desires to live His Life through us.

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Amazing how often God picks a “theme for the day” and then repeats it over and over til we get the message. He had me in Galatians today, which is totally off where I’ve been. I love the way He works. Thank you for your words. I will certainly pray concerning a book/booklet written by Jesus through you. God bless


Sue, what an encouragement to us all.
And how awesome that you see CHRIST so clearly in His sufficiency and glory! “no more delusions of self” what a statement. Bless you, love, for hearing the Spirit…


John, I want to agree with Tammy that these posts are a “booklet” to be published. This ministry is only place that I have ever received the true, complete foundation of the LIFE OF CHRIST IN ME. “His life is the ONLY Life that pleases the Father” Isn’t this a reality that every born again child wants is to please the Father? Dear LORD, may this reality be infused like an IV drip into my spirit, no more delusions of self!!!!! “Christ’s life always serves the Father and surrenders to His Will” Bless you John and Martha for giving me… Read more »


Big yes to what Sue says!

Thank you both! It seems that is the call for this content. John’s first book/booklet? I would love your prayers about the vision and then the Life to live it. Obviously a book/booklet about the exchanged Life would have to be written by an exchange of lives. His for mine. So, I am wide open to His writing it through me. It is such an important revelation and truly the Mystery of the Gospel. Love you!


Fantastic, hopeful and clear, John!

Thanks for always exalting Jesus.

Thank you Jeanette for your encouragement and for reading and commenting on the blog. I am pleased it is blessing you and that it is communicated clearly. Look forward to hearing you again.