The End is What We Want


I have seen a truth realized in life that makes me shudder. It is a reality that is frightening and stark. In the end, we will have the reality for which we petitioned. The canvas of our lives will be painted with the strokes of our choices and the final portrait will be exactly what we wanted.

The End of a Long Road

The End of a Long Road
I have seen this countless times as I have lived around people. I will share with you some examples. I knew of a lady who all of her life refused to see the truth around her. It was just too painful to face. It was easier to simply blink it out, rather than look at it. Her family, her husband, her kids, her own heart—all of them were ‘just fine’ rather than real.

This woman didn’t have an alcoholic husband because she refused to acknowledge it. Her children weren’t troubled coming from such a home; they were just experiencing ‘growing pains.’ And she wasn’t shallow and out of touch, she was just an optimist. At the end of this woman’s life, she came to the place where she literally didn’t know anything. She didn’t want to know the truth, so now she was unable to know anything in dementia. Lord Jesus, have mercy on us for the choices we make!

There’s another woman I once knew who absolutely refused her responsibilities. She had many children and at a certain point she said, “I am done.” Her husband and older children would have to pick up the slack. She never cooked another meal, changed another diaper, or mopped another floor. She was done with her responsibilities. Her end was the mental illness of Alzheimer’s. She died an early death with the inability to have any responsibility, even of her own care. Son of David, have mercy on us!

A Man at The End

The End of the Line
Lastly, I knew a man who hated his life and responsibilities. He resented everything from the lawn to his job. Everything was an imposition and an inconvenience, even his own wife, children and grandchildren. His end was a struggle and strain that was an unbearable inconvenience. He suffered from a debilitating disease where everything was completely, literally unbearable. His own body fought the fight he set in place against himself.

The End of the Story

The End of the Story
I don’t set these examples forth as a judgment on these individuals; I fear God too much to mock them like that. The fruit of each of their lives has been, for me, more like the power of King Saul’s life: to see how not to live and which paths to avoid. These lives have been posted as object lessons and living parables, like the warning beacon of a lighthouse, signaling sojourners where to avoid the rocks!

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
Gal 6:7 KJV

Whenever I saw those who plowed wickedness and planted misery, they gathered its harvest.
Job 4:8 GWT

In my next post I will give the Rest of the Story…

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Annalie du Toit
5 years ago

I can not remember where, but I read a scripture in the week that says that the brain of the “wise” will be utterly confused.

5 years ago

Very sobering truth John . We do what we do because we want what we want BUT not without reaping the consequence of that choice. We weep as Jesus did when we watch those we love make their choices. LIFE OR DEATH.

5 years ago

So painfully true John. Ingratitude is a blinding force. I’ve seen the same, only with the words of our mouth we have what we say.

5 years ago

What a clear way of putting it, isn’t it?. A bit of a shudder in my body for the stark imprint of “responsability” you conveyed here. The other day I was writing to this woman who replaced me in the old job I had for the past decade. She was asking me some advice regarding another person in that place, which spiritually troubled me so much for some years. I told her clearly what I saw about that person, succintly, and at the same time I told her that I wished so much the healing and restoration of that other… Read more »