The Cost?


A Deadly Pandemic Part 6

What’s the cost?

cost how much?
What will it cost me to abandon my entitlement? The surrendering of my hopes and desires into God’s hands. I’ll have to yield to His Lordship and Authoring.  All the longings I’ve lived to satisfy on-my-own will have to be released. Yes, the ones I’ve probably held dearest to my heart.

These illegitimate rights have directed my choices. They’ve guided me through life’s waters like the rudder.  And because I’ve pursued my desires through entitlement, my life choices have more likely than not been defective.

Marrying a LieMarrying a LIE

Through my doctrine of entitlement, I married a lie of a false hopes based on unsatisfied demands.  To be free of that system, I have to leave my entitlement, the driving force of my existence.  I’ve hooked my hopes to being author of my own story. Now that fable must end, the completion of a tale of disaster.

Entitlement makes us a slave: an empty shell serving resentment because life isn’t meeting our standards. Without living in our God-given design, we’re void of any true life.

God Authors His Creation

God is perfectly just in His authoring and arranging of my life.  He’s my architect and He’ll build out His blueprint.  My resistance and rebellion has only diminished my life’s fulfillment. True contentment is only found in His order.  Where I’ve chafed and opposed the design, I’ve opened the door to hell.  Misery and unhappiness followed in my wake, both for me and for all those around me.

Leaving entitlement is a deep work. It’s the assigned target of our life.  We’re appointed by our Creator to address this fight and conquer.  Yes, that is right!  I said it: appointed.  Even our struggle is written into our design.

Theater of BattleTheater of Battle

Our theater of battle was handed down from our Commander.  The good news is that we’ll have all we need to defeat entitlement, if we accept the fight.

Overcoming entitlement may not result in the fulfillment of the hopes we dreamt. But it’ll be something so much more satisfying.  It’ll be winning our inner peace and perfect joy.  We’ll make peace with our design and meet the ‘ME’ that we never knew existed.

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How exactly can we access that private page…you’ve talked abt John or Tina? I’ve been added..Im pretty sure!


Thank you


I’ve found my life has been a continuous series of Abraham laying Isaac on the altar. And every time I’ve picked up that entitlement from the altar, it’s doomed for failure. A powerful word John, bless you.


OMG without going into detail…this blog has hit me in the heart of hearts…you have no idea!! You are speaking almost exactly what I am currently battling through!!! My resistance and rebellion has truly altogether altered my life’s fulfillment. I have quite literally chafed and opposed His design….AND it hasn’t worked!!! I’ve been deceived hoping and thinking My way was right…how foolish of me!!! Thinking all the while I really loved Him.Yet even yet He is getting a hold on me…getting through to me…and I am eternally thankful to be now in His process! Its an amazing part of my… Read more »


Pearl and others here. There is now a get along with God fb page that is a private group were we can continue these discussions on a more personal level of sharing if you desire. John graciously created this for us. Though it is good to continue sharing here also! The fb site will be more conducive to conversation.


Oh you can ask John to add you. I cannot add you if we are not friends on fb.

Thank you John for this series 😀 soo much!!


In a December blog post, What Profit The Prophet, you offered your readers an MP3 of the teaching “A Call To War”. From that teaching, the word “author” was where The Holy Spirit held my focus. Now, here it is again. God not only “allows”, He “authors”. Because He Is The Author. Not me! Today’s post is so important in pointing out the source of my entitlement mentality John. He Is God and I am not. I am His workmanship — His poem. (And I am continually grateful that His pencil has an eraser!). Thank you John for having ears… Read more »


Much to ponder and surrender today.