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What Pain is …

Pain is
If I’m in pain, does it mean I’m resisting? No! Just because I’m experiencing pain over a situation in life, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in resistance. As I said in my previous posts, there’s a difference between pain and suffering. Suffering is the direct result of my resistance to God, where pain is actually proof of life. Pain is inevitable. If I’m living life, I will experience pain. Suffering, on the other hand, is torment and evidence that I’m in opposition to God.

If I’m avoiding pain, I inevitably will avoid life. Life is the full color palette of emotions—joy, sadness, love, hate, pain and ecstasy. Pain happens in growth, with change, while dying to something, and even in loving. Pain is part of our living experience. It may be seen as the plague but it’s just the reality of our existence on this earth.

So Is Pain Resistance?

is pain resistance
No, pain is not the sign of resistance. And in actuality it may be proof that I’m not resisting but rather in my process with God. While writing this, Martha came to me and read from her booklet, “The Great Lie.” In it she quoted Madam Guyon who said, “Every problem in life is from resistance to God. There is no problem that is not resistance to God.” WOW, is this a confirmation? This is a statement spoken by a person who has embraced their cross and accepted the pain of their dying. People talk a lot about the cross, but this is a statement from one on their cross.

I’ll take this a step further with a quote by Martha, also from “The Great Lie.” “If our response is not surrender to His will, it is rebellion.” This is the explanation to why resistance produces suffering. It’s because resistance is rebellion and suffering is the due consequence of rebellion. The torrent of suffering is real and just. If we resist God, then we reap suffering. I know this has been the case every time in my life. When I’ve pushed back against God’s will, I’ve felt the fire of hell licking my back.

Pain is life, and resistance is avoiding Life, which produces suffering. The enemy would want to convince us that pain is evil. That pain is punishment. That pain IS suffering. But what life reveals is that pain is part of the cosmic quotient fashioned by God. Why else would hunger, desire, and passion hurt and cause pain? Pain is not the enemy but an awareness of living Life.

And Saul said, Who are You, Lord? And He said, I am Jesus, Whom you are persecuting. It is dangerous and it will turn out badly for you to keep kicking against the goad [to offer vain and perilous resistance].
Act 9:5 AMP

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Thank you John! I agree with the distinction you make between the two. Though I would have not been able to analyze it and word it like you do so well, but because I have experienced the difference in my life as well, I see it now. I’ve had to live same set of circumstances, dealing with same persons, but two different experiences, because of two different reactions. When reacted in my flesh, resisting, over ill treatment, have produced anger, bitterness, a living hell inside of me. And when faced with same thing, but turned to The Lord instead, hiding… Read more »


Thank you John. Indeed there is something in and about God that rests in brokeness. What I see is that pain brings brokeness. And brokeness is the open door for God. No brokeness through pain, no God. Carnal mind thinks of this in terms of a kind of evil/masochist God that wants you suffer your way through. Nothing so FAR from truth. Pain is for brokeness, not for suffering. As you said in previous sharings, we do not “suffer our lot in life”, but we engage in a you-you interchange with the Living God. THAT takes pain, because God’s own… Read more »


Let’s try this again…

“Suffering is the direct result of my resistance to God,…”
“Suffering, on the other hand, is torment and evidence that I’m in opposition to God.”

I will give these statements a hardy AMEN! I agree that many times my suffering is at my own hand because of my resistance.

However! For the sake of “blog discussion”…

How do we explain the sufferings of Christ (Luke 9:22, Luke 17:25, Acts 3:18, to list a few) when we know he never resisted/sinned (John 8:29, 1 Peter 2:22, Hebrews 4:15…)?



Tammy, yes, I want to know this answer, too.


My thoughts went there also.

Me too, can wait to hear what He has to say. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday??


Hi guys! I think that there’s a bit of confusion because of the wording. When John originally broached this subject, he used the word ’suffering’ to describe a sometimes-prolonged agony or torment of the spirit that may or may not include physical or emotional elements as well. Essentially, he defined ’suffering’ as what happens when we rebel against the will of God (resistance) and find ourselves adrift and out of fellowship with Christ. He described ‘pain’ as an inevitable part of life and living which affects us spiritually, emotionally and/or physically (i.e., unjust persecution, loving someone and being rejected or… Read more »

John Enslow

Got it! He gave me the answer…! Writing it out now, stay tuned.


Standing By…


Hi John!


Well…this is not all I typed. I’ll give it another shot. It just vanished!


Yes, John, I have avoided pain, hated pain, and I have also resisted and hated my life. Praise GOD that HE is bringing me out and I renounce all resistance to HIM. Now I must go find my copy of THE GREAT LIE: