My Body is His Body


In my last post I shared an example of what it is to live dependent on the Lord’s practical care of my body. We are mere stewards of our bodies and lives, not owners. They are God’s gift to us but not for our right to own them. Our bodies and lives exist for the privilege of experiencing His Lordship. This is mighty deep water, and these waters are not crystal clear. We have to entrust ourselves to the care of a Shepherd who is competent and loving but who does it His own way. This dependence is like swimming in the unknown of space.

But it is MY BODY

But it is MY BODY
I wanted to share another example, one about my own health crisis rather than one I merely witnessed. (I wonder which was more challenging, being sick or watching someone I love be sick?) I was on a ministry trip with Martha in California. Shortly after we arrived, something serious went wrong with my body. I woke up in the hotel room the day after arriving with 3/4 of my body completely numb. I couldn’t feel my left arm, the left side of my torso, or either leg. To be perfectly honest, I freaked out. I couldn’t even feel myself using the restroom. It was an extreme crisis.

I immediately rushed over to Martha’s hotel room and woke her up and described what was happening. She couldn’t seem to get too concerned about it. It wasn’t like she didn’t care, but rather that she didn’t view it as a serious issue. She just remained steady and calm. And to be perfectly honest, if she hadn’t, I would’ve been on the way to the hospital for a CAT scan. This was so beyond a normal injury or illness, and I was at a total loss. I spent every moment that I was alone in a hot bath, because somehow the heat made it feel a little less creepy.

My Body, His Care, In His Timing

My Body, His Care, In His Timing
Essentially we functioned as normal. We finished the rest of the three-day conference (The Way) and then flew home. All the while, neither God nor Martha was concerned ­– unlike me – but I surrendered to Him as my Shepherd. He was the owner of my body and I waited for Him to move. This didn’t end in days, weeks, or even months. It was years of recovery. In this scenario, the medical community had no answers or help. But out of it, our whole church body changed the way we ate entirely. I was the Lord’s catalyst for the health of us all. It was an amazing circumstance, which may even have saved others.

Have you forgotten that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you, and that you are not the owner of your own body? You have been bought, and at what a price! Therefore bring glory to God both in your body and your spirit, for they both belong to Him.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20 PHILLIPS

P.S. Oddly enough the message of The Way is about this very thing…go figure. Object lesson anyone?

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I struggle with this. It is a full time job to overhaul a diet, and it can make even daily tasks almost impossible. I struggle with what is law and what is health? The stress of trying to change my diet can be as bad for me as the original problem! Does that make sense? Oh, I hope I’m not complaining! But in this season of life with kids, work, etc., getting a PhD in how to correctly eat for my body is exhausting! And everything I learn seems to be contradictory. This may be more practical than spiritual, but… Read more »


Thank you John for elaborating on this topic. I have many thoughts at the moment competing for “page space” 😉 . I’m going to wait until I’m clear on what the Lord would have me share and then I’ll comment more.
Praying you’re enjoying this beautiful beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing!
Love you!