Living Impartation Not Words but Spirit


I have come to learn that spoken words are not necessarily the highest form of communication for the Christian. Teaching is amazing, we all need deep biblical teachings that resonates in our hearts, spirits, and lives. But recently I met with an old general of the faith. Our connection was deeply meaningful but as I left that moment I realized I didn’t receive the wisdom I was looking for in words, rather I received an impartation of the Holy Spirit that communicated something far beyond words. 

Living Impartation

Living Impartation
There was a dramatic, demonstrative shift in my reality. It wasn’t because I was given an easy 1,2,3 step of methodology. What I received was a living impartation of the Spirit. For years we have used that phrase as the description of the messages that we put forth from Shulamite Ministries. Not another method but a living impartation has been our motto. I am seeing anew just how meaningful this is to our lives. 

I have witnessed this time and time again as people’s wide open receptivity is met with the Holy Spirit’s dynamic power. Lives are changed through the impartation of His Life not the mere communication of a doctrine or creed. Again I’m not saying that preaching has no benefit, because it deeply does. But I do know that if teaching is not met with the POWER of the Spirit all that will remain is head knowledge with no life.

Here is a transcendent fact: No one can remain the same in the presence of the Spirit. While in His presence we are given the opportunity to make a choice, and ultimately there will be change, for Him or away from Him. So why wouldn’t the living Spirit of Christ in me do the same thing as I move through this world? Why would I not expect change in those who meet me because He is present in me? I shouldn’t! 

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9 months ago

The path of HIS glory…He gives us All He’s Gained! Eternal God Lean like a child in the wind. It’s what we no longer consider, rather, the ONE we do consider, that frees us. Do we want Reality enough to lay our hearts before the Lord to know His heart? Then…”let this mind be in you”. Sometimes it’s more seeing the way He is caressing with His gaze than any words. It’s singing the song He’s singing; understanding the look on His face. The words are His heart-beat more seen than said; the Joy of “He is able”. I… Read more »

9 months ago

Expository preaching yesterday was from the first chapter of Ephesians. I was quite exhausted from being up most of the previous night, so I really didn’t take it all in. In fact, all I could remember when I got home were words that seemed to be repeated: chosen, predestined, adoption, lavished, inheritance, His purpose, sealed, guarantee. It wasn’t until later in the evening when I was more refreshed and alert that I read the chapter and was met on page 2091 by the Holy Spirit. The words, in context, became more than words, even more than familiar truths but renewed… Read more »

9 months ago

I can count on 1 hand the number of sermons that left a lasting impression on me. If I were to spend all day remembering every occurrence, I couldn’t count the number of times the Holy Spirit imparted wisdom and knowledge to me (1 Cor. 12:8-10), mostly for my liberation and growth, but also for the benefit of others and to seed unity. The first time I remember such happening, was when I took my rent check to the landlord, a believer. While visiting, she told me about attending a new church over the weekend and an usher who had… Read more »

LeAnn Zeitouni
9 months ago

‘A living impartation’ – the Life of Christ, shared via the Holy Spirit, is such a shift in my thinking away from reading, preaching, works. But I have experienced this and it is liberating

9 months ago
Reply to  LeAnn Zeitouni

Me too LeAnn! The liberation is huge and the performance defused. It becomes His Life not our efforts. To have to be the source of convincing through human words is exhausting. But His Spirit and His chosen words sets us free! Thank you for commenting! Love you LeAnn

LeAnn Zeitouni
9 months ago
Reply to  John Enslow

‘His Spirit’ – amen, let it be over us! Love you, too!!