God’s Character and My Health Care


In my posts on taking care of ourselves, I eventually showed our accusation of God. We accuse Him of being negligent and inept. We slander His name and character by believing the very worst of His care for us. When it comes to health, most of us have a deeply rooted belief in our ownership of our bodies and the right to manage their care. “It’s my body and I have the RIGHT to its care! I am the one suffering here, God, not You!” Oh Jesus, how little we can think of Your loving care. And how shortsighted is our vision! It stems from a deep distrust of God, a fear of death, and a demand to not suffer—ever.

High Priest of My Health Care

High Priest of My Health Care
Oh, I wish I could say this hasn’t pinned me to the wall, but it has. I have been the high priest of my personal health care. I have done as I saw fit and what I wanted. I held my “temple” hostage, presiding over its care and concerns. There might as well have been a signpost before me: “I don’t trust God; He doesn’t care enough, so this house is maintained by me!” As I have shown in these recent posts, health is one of the greatest tests of God’s Lordship and sovereignty.

If we’d let the Spirit shine a Light into our hearts, would He find dissent from and accusation of the Father? Why do you think most of us decide to care for self rather than allowing God to rule in His Will and Way? It is because most of us think He can’t do it sufficiently or won’t act quickly enough. This is so completely insulting to our Shepherd and His care. It accuses Him of not having character. It’s saving my life, and in that attempt, I will lose it.

Health is HUGE!

Health is HUGE!
Our health care is monumental in our eyes. Most covet perfect health and feel that’s a right. I am sorry to say, perfect health is an idol. Not that we’re to live passive and unquestioning in an illness, because we are not. But how I am to experience health is up to my Shepherd. It is He, not me, that determines my care. He leads me to the doctor if I am to go, He tells me what to eat, He chooses my medicine and supplements, and He maintains my body’s integrity. As I said previously, He guides me through relationship into all of my care.

In my life, I have so often believed I had to manage my health. I thought it was my responsibility, but in the crisis (where the rubber meets the road), I fix rather than seek because I don’t believe He will do it correctly. Oh, how foolish! The Maker of my body, the Giver of my life, and the Keeper of my soul can’t be trusted to preserve my being in health. Do you see how diabolical and ignorant this is? And can you see how this would wound Him?

My Control of My Health

My Control of My Health
In essence, when we take control of our health, we dethrone Him over and over again. And all the while, we accuse Him of being detached and neglectful. Our God, Who has given ALL, is faulted for being miserly and withholding. It must hit deeply against His loving Father’s heart. It’s one thing to willfully refuse His Life, it is quite another to accuse that same Life of being subpar and insufficient. It’s the wounding of Him I can’t stand!

Again I want to refer you to Martha’s Message of the Month Owned by God. In it she says, “What God owns, Christ keeps!” This includes my body. It is one thing to let Him own my personal property, but He also owns my body. My Shepherd determines from where my help comes. He might choose a doctor or He might have me wait. Regardless of His choice, the point is that it’s His choice not mine.

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Such love … how His heart comes through this writing- both Him and you as one, John. I see/feel you both here. Wow again, such Love. Thank you, this is amazing and beautifully, painfully convicting. Bless you

Thank you so much Lori. You couldn’t say anything more touching than that you see His/my oneness. Thank you! I had hoped with everything that all these post would be filled with love, even though somewhat difficult. Just amazing! Bless you back.

Jolie Acker

I’m so thankful that you’ve been writing on this subject. It’s something I’ve been thinking about as I observe others, because I haven’t faced any personal health issues yet. What you have written is the conclusion I’ve come to, I just haven’t seen it lived out. So thank you again !!

Oh Jolie, so nice to hear from you. We have missed you! I am so pleased this is touching you. I have been amazed myself, amazed and convicted. Bless you for commenting and I hope we get to see you soon.