Clues to Resistance


Every Monday I experience traffic gridlock as I drive to Atlanta. And I am rarely if ever bothered by it. But this week was different. I was enraged. I could literally feel the blood pumping through to the top of my head, and every time someone pulled in front of me, I wanted to ram them. Clearly something wasn’t right.

The heart sends out clues to signal us, like red flags of distress. These waving banners are sent up like flares to warn and attract our attention. They signal us in order to alert us of issues rumbling below the surface. Our hearts are very apt to get our attention. The question is whether we will listen to them or divert our focus to a fictitious issue. Actually, if we don’t want to listen to the heart, we can take up a crusade for a non-issue—slay a dragon, rescue a maiden, or lead a campaign. It’s completely possible for these delusions to mute the urgency of the heart, but when the silence comes, as it always does, our hearts will not be quiet.

Extreme agitation, stress, frustration, cursing, and bouts of anger can all speak of deeper issues lying just beneath the surface. And ultimately only the Spirit can reveal the secret issues of the heart. The Word says the heart is desperately wicked, who can know it? But this doesn’t mean I can’t or shouldn’t feel it. I’ve been given a heart in order to feel, in order to experience life, and in order to live within the reality of me. That stupid traffic, the messy kitchen island collecting all my clutter, an item in the back of the car that keeps sliding around until I want to drive off the side of the mountain just to make it stop—the heart will make extreme that which is not important in order to get our attention.

My heart is pushing me to inquire of the Spirit. I must address the real issue with Him or be shipwrecked on a sandbar of menial distresses. These mundane aggravations are just raising my blood pressure, not solving the real issue. It will all continue to compound until the real issue is addressed. As my friend used to say, “The heart is such a nooge!”1 Yep, the heart can be a massive nudging force to get our attention.

The heart is the needle upon the record of our lives. We’re called to live with awareness of our hearts because it’s who we are. The mind thinks it’s the source of life, but in reality it is only as we live out of the heart that we can truly be touched.

Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.
Proverbs 4:23 NOG

In my next post, I will show that God puts a premium on living from the heart.


1 Nooge: an absolute pain in the neck.

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Cha-ching! Right where I was yesterday in a situation at work. God please give me ears to hear eyes to see as You deal with my heart. Thank you John for sharing.


John, the posts the last couple of months or so have for me, and it seems corporately, been expanding exponentially to the heart of the spirit if you will. Really good stuff.


These mundane aggravations are just raising my blood pressure, not solving the real issue. Your descriptions of “mundane aggravations” were so funny, John. I am still laughing (you should see mine…). But the message is so deep. And I believe some of our attitudes develop at a very early stage. I have the intuition that the working and nudges of the Spirit (calling us to return to Him) go a LONG, LONG way back. Some day we will know… that our weaknesses probably have their origin at the very womb, and that the Spirit was nudging us even from that… Read more »


Sam, yes it seems that these issues go back to our beginning, inception or maybe even to what Father God ordained for us from the beginning.


“The question is whether we will listen…”

Once we willingly go to Him and acknowledge the fruit we are producing He is so faithful to shed TRUTH and LIGHT on the root. When the root is laid bare we can choose to admit our responsibility (sin) and repent. And then comes renewing and transformation…”beauty for ashes”.

Praise God that He loves us too much to leave us the way we are! Praise Him for creating us with a heart that seeks after more of Him.

Praising Him for your insight John!


Well, John, this post is a “Nooge” to bolster the Holy Spirit ‘s nudge to check out my heart with HIM. This makes the issues with the heart so clear. Bless you, thank you for “letting” me hear your heart.