Are You Happy?


In my recent post, A Life Designed for Knowing God, I stated this:

“Our life events and situations have one purpose in their design: that we would come to know our God. Happiness in itself is not the goal; happiness is the result of connecting with God.”

I would like to continue on the theme of happiness in this post.

Happy Religion

Happy Religion
Many have made a religion out of the pursuit of happiness. And with it goes our devotion, passion and wholehearted focus. You can hear it in what we say and when we say it. “I just want them to be happy” often follows the disclosure of a loved one pursuing a wayward path. Its as if being happy is the highest of achievements.

Recently I had a discussion with my cousin about a path several of our family members are taking. When I heard what they were choosing, I grieved because it’s so destructive. I won’t get into the particulars of my family, but let me give this scenario as an example.

Say you were having a talk with a relative and they told you that your brother had decided to take up meth as a hobby. Most, if not all, of us would grieve to hear of this choice. It’s just so detrimental a path. We know meth is devastating to the body, soul, spirit, and life. But when I expressed my grief over an equally destructive path, my cousin’s response was this: “Nah, I don’t think you need to be grieved. If you take a look at their Facebook page, I think you’ll see they’re very happy. It appears they’re surrounded by people who love and have accepted them.”

I grieve, however, because I know that being happy is not proof of anything lasting. Happiness is as fleeting as the weather. One day they can be singing, “For he’s a jolly good fellow,” and then the very next day they’re ravaged with despair. Happiness is in happenings, and those are only momentary.

Just Be Happy

Just Be Happy
In the media we’ve heard much about Bruce Jenner. In interviews, I’ve heard his family members say, “I just want him to be happy!” I’ve even heard Bruce say, “I don’t ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness.” But as born-again believers, is happiness a lofty goal? I expect the world to pander for and grasp at happiness but children of God? Is this to be our pursuit?

The thing I have learned about happiness is it usually follows getting my way. When I have things just as I want them, I am happy. When things aren’t going my way, I’m not happy. I’m now going to tell you exactly where this emphasis on happiness originates.

Origin of the Happy Lie

Origin of the Happy Lie
“Do what thou wilt” is the code by which Satanists live. The lie it promotes is that when I do what I want, I find happiness. And when I’m happy, then life is great. So according to this lie, following my will makes me HAPPY! But happiness is just the best that Satan can do to mimic the contentment of Christ.

If you expect life to make you happy, then you’re on dangerous ground. Here’s a shocking statement: if your pursuit is for happiness, then you’re worshipping Satan, and if you’re worshipping Satan, you are ruined. The world’s happiness is not the Mount Everest that people think it is. Happiness is the result of pursuing God.

“The will of God is in all circumstances the highest consideration – above needs, wants, expectations, and even above that which is considered ‘good.’”
Martha Kilpatrick

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7 years ago

You know something I thought of John…on fb people only see what you want them to see… So they may not be as happy as they look. I love how you share your heart. It blesses me so much.

7 years ago

John this is so good. Thank you for the reminder. Today there is so much depression, suicide, and unhappiness because the fad of the day is to “be happy” with more entertainment and more things. “Father, help us to seek you for our fulfillment, joy, and Happiness.”

7 years ago
Reply to  kathy

Amen. Be it so.

7 years ago

As someone who ministers into the realms of darkness it is rare to hear someone be courageous to step up and say it like it is. You did and well said. Thanks and be blessed John.

7 years ago

very now word for a people who are possessed with the pursuit of happiness……And Sam your response is just as profound and I am going to quote you both if I may!!!

7 years ago

“If your pursuit is for happiness, then you’re worshipping Satan.”



7 years ago

John! Thank you for keeping a finger on this. Yes. “Happiness” puts SELF on the center, whereas His Joy has JESUS on the center. As former follows the enthronment of me, the other enthrones Jesus Christ, and HIM alone, so they follow quite distinct pathsways. One is a ruin, a mess and constant source of frustration. When you seem to have reached it, it will cheat on you and kick your a** out of it (sorry for the expression), because it is NOT enough to satisfy and appease (set on peace) the spirit of man. The latter is permanent, orderly… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Sam

Very straightforward, thank you John and Sam.