Angry Mob


A Deadly Pandemic Part 7

The Angry Mob!

angry mob
Unfortunately, there is an army of entitled ones waging war on the world—an angry mob. You meet them everywhere.  They attack any who dare to stand in the way of their entitlement.  A family member, people in authority, or innocent bystanders—it doesn’t matter.  They will attack any who fail to yield to the command, “Serve MY rights!”

He is the Life He Requires

Christ on CrossThe obsession to have our entitlements realized is formidable, but there is freedom from that fight.  God is the power that relinquishes our entitled stand.  He’s the very acceptance required to receive His own choices.  Jesus’ LIFE is victory over the hazard of our discontent.

Our old Adamic nature is rebellious and will always demand what we do not have.  This is common to all humanity.  It started with the original satanic choice.  Our father-Adam and mother-Eve were entitled, and that entitlement proceeds to this current day.  By nature we resist the very plans of God and all of His ways.

We’re all inherently bitter souls, who spit and writhe at being directed where we are designed to go.  Our Creator is spiritually minded, and only when we see things with spiritual eyes will we understand His ways.

We cannot hope for better of our old nature.  It’ll not perform like a trained monkey to any satisfaction of God.  That nature must die.  It must be laid in the grave of final resolve, from dust to dust. “For dust you are, and to dust you shall return” (Gen. 3:19). Mere dirt will always soil everything it touches.

Old NatureSo what’s the solution?  It’s to say goodbye to that old nature. There’s only One who is able to perform this life. Christ is the only Life that surrenders to and celebrates the will of the Father.  In the beautiful nature of Christ, we’ll see the fulfillment of His design.

As dirt, we can’t grasp His higher plan and intentions.  Jesus knows, sees and hears the will of the Father.  He’s able to perform that will in my life through my new nature.  The amazing thing is, when my common humanity surrenders to die, His supernatural divinity rises up—forming the perfect life of the SON in me.  And the results, He’ll reveal the Father through me.

Yes, this is my only hope and also my only need.  Imagine!  All along, my real need was to be released from the plague of ENTITLEMENT.  What I’d been demanding as my need was not my need at all.  In being entitled to what I didn’t have, I missed life’s true intention—the Son’s life in ME, revealing the love of the Father in my world.

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9 years ago

John all through this post I kept hearing John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me.” This was in reply to Thomas’ question in John 4:15, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?”. There is that demand – that we know. Just as you wrote, “Our old Adamic nature is rebellious and will always demand what we do not have.” Thomas’ question exposed our very sin. Our demand to God that we “know” so that we can perform and… Read more »

9 years ago

AMAZING HOPE! Bless you John.

9 years ago

Thanking the lord for having brought me to sister Martha’s writings. an answer of one year of prayers. praying for more of Jesus and less of me.”LOVING GOD” AND HEARING GOD”. Thank you Jesus.”Seek and you shall find”, “Ask He will answer”FREE AT LAST. “MANY WILL COME BUT FEW WILL ENTER”

9 years ago

It IS amazing, John! On my feeble decision to surrender, He accepts it and performs it.

9 years ago

Untangle me until I am free!