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I'm simply on a journey of letting go. Letting go of my desires, my expectations, and my fears. For most of my life I have been in bondage to living the routine Christian life. My desire is to live my life like a helpless child who is content only in my Father's arms where I will allow Him to redefine who I am.

Posts By Mike

My rights are “my precious,” and despite knowing they are killing me, my flesh still rules with an evil so very deep.
Posted May. 30,2014 by | 16 Comments
Not having a purpose is truly terrifying for me.
Posted Apr. 17,2014 by | 10 Comments
I've been groomed my whole life that I must DO something for God.
Posted Apr. 2,2014 by | 7 Comments
I figured surrendering would be a relatively easy thing to do. After all, you just have to relinquish your rights and that’s it, right?
Posted Mar. 5,2014 by | 8 Comments
Recently, the Lord showed me what an integral part surrender plays in the equation of obedience, and ultimately, my capacity to love.
Posted Feb. 5,2014 by | 8 Comments