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I sought a quiet life and instead He gave me a heart for His adventures and a life beyond my dreams. My commission is to reveal Christ by being a scribe of His thoughts. And I am bold to believe that you will hear and see Him in this place. I have one heart and one passion to know Christ and make Him known.

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We think of love as weakness. You are vulnerable when you love and a target for hurt. Even so… Love is power, the greatest power in the universe.
Posted Sep. 16,2016 by | 3 Comments
I witnessed someone fight God's calling, resist God's evident love. And I was shocked to see that fighting to keep God away requires a monumental work.
Posted Aug. 24,2016 by | 3 Comments
The practical solution is a continuing choice: to exchange my life for Christ's life. There is no change for me, but there is divine EXchange!
Posted Aug. 5,2016 by | 2 Comments
I have learned a secret, one open and available to every child of God. But you must really need this powerful, transforming secret before you see it.
Posted Jul. 25,2016 by | 7 Comments
Christians have the victory, His name is Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is the power, the incentive, the source of prayer…because prayer has to come from Above.
Posted Jul. 13,2016 by | 4 Comments
“Do you want to be god or do you want God Himself?” Every person alive answers this question, whether we are conscious of our choice or not!
Posted Jun. 29,2016 by | 3 Comments
I live in constant awareness of the Lord’s soon return and that means being willing to be made ready to meet His Blazing Eyes. Are you being made ready too?
Posted Jun. 20,2016 by | 4 Comments
Repentance enters the redemption that Christ sowed with the seed of His Life-Blood and we gain the unearned liberty of suffering none of our consequences.
Posted Jun. 16,2016 by | 4 Comments
The Prodigal’s waste is inexcusable. Then and now. What parent could just dismiss such sin and betrayal? What father could instantly trust such a child?
Posted Jun. 15,2016 by | 2 Comments
We know well the law of reaping what we've sown, but to our eternal loss, we ignore our own repercussions when they come—the nightmare we’ve chosen.
Posted Jun. 7,2016 by | 10 Comments
Because of Christ, God commits to our children too. I have specific promises that are rock solid and give me hope and joy and peace about my descendants!
Posted Jun. 2,2016 by | 12 Comments
We rarely see the inevitable link between seed sown and fruit grown, but spiritual sanity is the God-given revelation that you will get back all you give.
Posted Jun. 1,2016 by | 9 Comments