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Simply and succinctly I am looking for Him where He wants to reveal Himself. My attempt is not to hem Him in or dictate who He will be. I am on a quest like a child at an easter egg hunt to find Him everywhere He wishes to make Himself known. He has a voice and wishes to speak everyday! I have ears to listen.————— You can read my newest book "Where are You, God? We Seek the God Who Wants to be Found" Now available in Kindle. It is my earnest prayer that this booklet doesn’t leave you thinking of my experience but gives you deeper thought of your own.

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There's a common misconception that God's Will is the worst path, in reality it leads to our best life. His Will Alone encourages readers to embrace God's Will and His Best life.
Posted Sep. 4,2023 by | 0 Comments
An invitation to embark on the journey to embrace His divine plan, even when it runs counter to our own desires. His Will Alone is now available!
Posted Aug. 26,2023 by | 0 Comments
Weakness can tempt us towards shame. But in the Life of Christ I will celebrate my weaknesses, for when I’m weak I sense more deeply the mighty power of Christ living in me.
Posted Jul. 26,2023 by | 0 Comments
Just because our shame has a LOUD voice, it doesn’t always mean it’s the largest part of who we are. Loudest struggles might not be our majority.
Posted Jul. 19,2023 by | 0 Comments
The Sovereign Touch doesn’t flinch away from hard questions but reveals God’s huge Heart to turn this read into a profound experience.
Posted Jul. 5,2023 by | 3 Comments
The Lord with His sovereign touch has been more entreating than dismissive. His sovereign touch is drenched in His loving care and perfect knowledge.
Posted Jun. 28,2023 by | 2 Comments
Every storyline worth telling is fraught with crisis, challenge, & victory. The Sovereign Touch points the way to unlocking your destiny & the Spirit holds the key.
Posted Jun. 21,2023 by | 4 Comments
Sovereignty is a reality that few wish to tackle because of its ramification in our lives is enormous.
Posted Jun. 15,2023 by | 6 Comments
Toxic shame refers to negative beliefs and statements we make about ourselves. When we define ourselves apart from God, we tend to fall into shame and self-judgment, which leads to feelings of separation and isolation.
Posted Jun. 2,2023 by | 0 Comments
Shame is an invitation to experience freedom rather than a death sentence. With connection shame can be a turning point in our life.
Posted May. 24,2023 by | 0 Comments
Is hope is the key factor that distinguishes fantasy from dreams? Which has the power to shape our reality for a better future.
Posted May. 17,2023 by | 0 Comments
This world’s cold love stems from a failure to love God and self. Our cold love is the byproduct of our lack of love for God and self.
Posted May. 10,2023 by | 8 Comments