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Once upon a time I hated. I was very good at it. Then God chased me and caught me and penned me up like the goat I am. He loved me like no one in this world ever has or will. So now I love. Everything else is just gravy.

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God created us with a free will. This is really the only power that humanity wields, but what a power it is! Through it, we unleash heaven…or hell.
Posted Jan. 26,2017 by | 2 Comments
“Do not rely on your own insight or understanding.” How much of my unbelief in Jesus Christ stems from an idolatrous belief born of my own understanding?
Posted Jan. 20,2017 by | 3 Comments
We reap what we sow, both the death and the Life. So what are we sowing right now? Are we sowing the seeds that BELIEVE or the seeds that doubt?
Posted Jan. 19,2017 by | 1 Comments
I choose what to believe and WHOM to believe. Every day. That’s what makes it my work to believe, to hold fast to God’s promises when they seem impossible.
Posted Jan. 13,2017 by | 8 Comments
It’s not a promise that my belief is rooted in but the God who made it. When I rest in Jesus’ “TRUST in Another Life,” I am in the quiet dignity of Christ.
Posted Jan. 11,2017 by | 1 Comments
I've seen the devastating effects of failing to believe that our Father makes all things new. Is there a place in your life where you're standing still too?
Posted Jan. 9,2017 by | 1 Comments
If you read only one article on the state of the world, the church, the family, and believers, it should be this one – an anointed vision for the new year!
Posted Jan. 4,2017 by | 2 Comments
The difference between where I am this year and where I was last is simple but vast: my hope lies in Christ, not in me. What a merry New Year this will be!
Posted Jan. 2,2017 by | 3 Comments
I used to have a hard time loving the lonely in a way that was godly, but now it’s easier. God taught me how to love the lonely with His love, not mine.
Posted Dec. 22,2016 by | 3 Comments
Of all the Christmas traditions, none are as symbolic to me as Christmas lights. We gaze at the lights as we're called to gaze at the Light of the world.
Posted Dec. 20,2016 by | 1 Comments
Queen Esther saved her people did so with behavior that was markedly different from Vashti. That bears consideration, even if it makes us uncomfortable.
Posted Dec. 16,2016 by | 1 Comments
The princess mentality encourages the very worst in women: entitlement, indulgence, and superiority. It is the epitome of privilege without purpose.
Posted Dec. 14,2016 by | 2 Comments