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I am the one lost lamb, sought, found and captured by God' love. And I have discovered that His will is a joy and not a dread; gain and not loss. Christ has revealed Himself to me in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Always surprised by Who Jesus REALLY is, I live in wide eyed-wonder and amazement.

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"Only the Sinner Finds the Saviour" so deeply impacted me because it felt so similar to my own experience.
Posted Jan. 2,2013 by | 0 Comments
It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to teach me, not my trying, fretting or striving to cause me to learn.
Posted Dec. 27,2012 by | 0 Comments
Oh, how the Lord hears our whispers. He not only hears, He listens and responds.
Posted Dec. 24,2012 by | 0 Comments
It’s easy to hang up crosses and pictures and give only visual ascent to them. The truth is, it’s a torment to be imprisoned to rigid, unbending ideas and opinions, always having to be “right.”
Posted Dec. 17,2012 by | 1 Comments
Like Nicodemus, Jesus confronted me. He sent one of His own, who saw through my lies and challenged and assaulted my “faith.” In His mercy, He exposed and began to tear down and destroy the foundation of deception I had built.
Posted Dec. 14,2012 by | 1 Comments
Our connections are the places where we demand our nourishment. We may label them bad habits or addictions, but in truth they are our idolatries that we believe feed our insatiable, primal need.
Posted Dec. 6,2012 by | 1 Comments
You have to come to hate your old self. It is a paradox - part of that "hating" is the forgiveness of that self, and the compassion of how hopeless we are.
Posted Nov. 26,2012 by | 0 Comments
Within my DNA are hidden secrets, the mystery of His calling and purpose when He formed me in secret.
Posted Nov. 15,2012 by | 0 Comments