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I am the one lost lamb, sought, found and captured by God' love. And I have discovered that His will is a joy and not a dread; gain and not loss. Christ has revealed Himself to me in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Always surprised by Who Jesus REALLY is, I live in wide eyed-wonder and amazement.

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I'm free, through complete forgiveness, ‘to forget my family' and worship only God. My family, whom I so love, are then free to do the same!
Posted Aug. 17,2015 by | 9 Comments
The one reason that I willfully refused the Truth for so long, continuing in my own self-effort and bloodless salvation, is that I had no fear of the Lord.
Posted Jun. 25,2015 by | 4 Comments
The Lord told me to receive the prophet, His messenger and the authority He had sent to me. But what does it mean to receive?
Posted Jun. 16,2015 by | 7 Comments
He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward.
Posted May. 25,2015 by | 3 Comments
Confrontation is not just a gift and a privilege but also a mighty weapon of warfare for pulling down strongholds.
Posted May. 4,2015 by | 3 Comments
Obedient confrontation puts us on the front lines of spiritual warfare.
Posted Apr. 27,2015 by | 8 Comments
Anxiety is simply my resistance to the reality that I have no control over any given situation.
Posted Mar. 11,2015 by | 9 Comments
Death of a loved one is the greatest affront, insult, injury, offense to human control.
Posted May. 7,2013 by | 4 Comments
Over these weeks, I have watched Him do and accomplish what I could not, beyond me and in spite of me.
Posted Mar. 19,2013 by | 0 Comments
The Lord is so holding and keeping me, us, in the Peace that surely passes all understanding and expression.
Posted Jan. 28,2013 by | 0 Comments
When your world is shaken to its core, an earthquake type shaking, what is it that holds all those flying pieces together?
Posted Jan. 24,2013 by | 0 Comments
As I sort through His dealings with me, I see Him standing before me this morning, the Lamb of God with His arms open, “Come.”
Posted Jan. 8,2013 by | 1 Comments