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I am the one lost lamb, sought, found and captured by God' love. And I have discovered that His will is a joy and not a dread; gain and not loss. Christ has revealed Himself to me in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Always surprised by Who Jesus REALLY is, I live in wide eyed-wonder and amazement.

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Whichever way you choose, God supports. It's amazing how much the prodigal's father supported his son's choice. He enabled him to go and held back nothing!
Posted Feb. 28,2017 by | 3 Comments
I know God has called me to serve, but I confess that I can put that calling first, before the motive of love for Him and the choice to do His will.
Posted Feb. 17,2017 by | 2 Comments
Here is a story of the Kingdom, and God's great love for us, and His amazing faithfulness. A joyous reminder of His huge heart is so needed today!
Posted Oct. 26,2016 by | 2 Comments
The struggle and effort in so much of life occurs because we trust the mind to reach a conclusion rather than wait for God to speak and reveal His will.
Posted Mar. 9,2016 by | 2 Comments
Rudi is a living parable sent from the Father, 
a lesson in which 
His heart was clearly visible and made known to me through a shepherd and a baby goat.
Posted Feb. 24,2016 by | 5 Comments
I saw that here on earth we are like embryos being formed, then growing and developing; I saw that this is not The Life, this is the preparation for The Life.
Posted Jan. 26,2016 by | 3 Comments
Too often I assess things according to what I see right in front of me. I am caught in my own narrow perspective, an inevitably dark place of unbelief.
Posted Jan. 20,2016 by | 12 Comments
Hysterical fear and the fear of death have been deep strongholds in me even before I was in touch with those fears, but there is an answer.
Posted Nov. 23,2015 by | 7 Comments
I have discovered a secret in the heart of God. This hidden motive lies behind the consequences that result from my choices, both good and bad.
Posted Oct. 22,2015 by | 3 Comments
Why wouldn’t I ­– couldn’t I – just let go of the deep hurt this person had inflicted? What was hindering me in reaching forgiveness?
Posted Oct. 5,2015 by | 5 Comments
Most of us don’t even realize that we are living in the consequences produced by our own unforgiveness and bitterness.
Posted Sep. 16,2015 by | 6 Comments
I am desperate for God's forgiveness and cleansing, but His condition stands. I must forgive.
Posted Sep. 9,2015 by | 8 Comments