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As a man, I carry a specific stature and office of Christ’s expressed life. Maturity reveals it to the world, but the gifts and call of God are irrevocable (Romans 11:29). Meaning, I was designed with God’s purpose in mind. The course of my life was laid before I breathed my first breath, whether I chose to glorify God with the gifts He gave me or not. So today I want to tell about the most virile man I have ever encountered— Art Katz.

When I first met Art Katz, I recognized his authority. It was so obvious and evident. He walked as a father in the Kingdom, and it was clear he had great authority. I know he carried the mantle of an apostle; again, it was just apparent by being in his presence.  To come under him was simple – just read the room, stupid! As a man under authority, it’s second nature to submit. If as a military private you meet a colonel, you don’t bow up your chest, you bow.

I sat under Art’s teaching several times, and really each was life changing and challenging. I now wonder if it was the anointing or my receptivity that more affected me? Possibly it was a combination of the two. I received Art as the man, in his office as Christ. I wouldn’t have attempted to extract Christ’s Life without receiving Art’s life.  Art’s life carried Christ’s Life and they were inseparable. It amazes me how Christ in me, the hope of my glory, is expressing His Life through me. What if I don’t like that? It would be like asking for a glass of water from a pitcher, but demanding that the pitcher not to touch the water.  That would be absolutely ridiculous! Nope, the Life is marked by the vessel and vice versa. This is how the Father set it up.  He has now relegated Himself to move through frail, fallible creatures. That is church and that is His choice!

Art moved to Brooklyn to minister to the orthodox Jewish community there.  He was a spiritually intellectual powerhouse.  Because Art’s movement was Christ, he was brilliant even beyond his natural mental prowess.  In the flesh, I don’t know many who could go toe-to-toe with Art, but in the spirit? Forget it!

Martha and I were his first guests at his NYC apartment.  We stayed the night and he was the most amazing host.  He cooked us a lovely fish dinner, walked us about the community, and introduced us to many people, giving us a tour of his world. We enjoyed him so much; it was an unforgettable time. At one point during the visit, I asked him to pray for me. I wanted his blessing as an elder brother and as a father of the faith. It wasn’t like fireworks shimmered across the room, but like my encounter with Peter on the motorcycle, it infused something into my being.

As I stated, Art asked me to join him but that wasn’t God’s will. But what was God’s will was Christ’s expression of Life through Art towards me.  Art was secure in his position, his calling and his person.  He needed no caveat to express his love, affection and receptivity to me, John Enslow.  And I in kind expressed the same towards him.

Man (male and female) is the most beautiful creature God has made.   But a male in Christ’s virility is a sight to see. As Martha says, “You will either worship or murder such a display.” Men who stand unreservedly in the Life and Love of Christ as Christ are stellar. It doesn’t mean they can’t falter or fail, but it is His sonship made evident to the world. This is God’s plan for all of us who call Him Lord! He in me and I in Him – we are ONE.

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    • Sam

      Amazing. Thank you for this memorial, John.

    • Lori

      Blessed is he who comes in the name of The Lord !

    • Seth

      Enjoyed. Gave me hope. Thank you.

    • Irene

      Thank you John for sharing about Art. I am reading his articles on his website and am being blessed. Your post reminds me of this quote: “All of Him in all of me.” Maj. Ian Thomas

    • Seth

      John, Thank you for highlighting this brother. I just found his website and I didn’t know of his ministry before today. Is there anything that he has written that stands out to you to suggest?
      Thanks, Seth

      • shulamite

        I would say this message given in June 2002 was the most amazing I have heard. If you like it let me know and I’ll send you another.
        Attaining Sonship

        • Seth

          I will check it out and let you know know. Thanks John.

    • Sharon

      Yes thank you for shaing with us!!!!

    • Wanda

      All I can say is WOW! Thank you, John

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