Apart From Him Is Nothing

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This past weekend I had prepared to knock out the editing of Martha’s new CD series from a recent conference in New Mexico.  I have recorded and edited hundreds and hundreds of messages of Martha’s, either with podcasts, Messages of the Month, or CD series. I say this to show how very qualified I am to edit audio files. I am a bit of an audiophile and really strive for excellence.  And I tell you this with a purpose in mind: ALL MY EXPERIENCE IS WORTH ZERO!

I’ve been coming at the message that it is no longer I but Christ that lives in me for weeks now in the blog.  It is so much a part of my conscious thought.  I may not always live it, but I do have the revelation of it.

So here I come early Saturday morning, and I jump into the task of editing one of the messages.  I made it through the task pretty well.  So, all I needed to do was merge the two files I was working on and then save the project.   The merge proceeded to the very end and then hung up.  Guess what happened next?  Come on, give it a wild stab. Yeah, you guessed it, the program crashed and the hours of work were GONE!  All I did vanished with one little computer hiccup.

Now I would love to say I immediately thanked the Lord and sang a hymn, but nope, I screamed.  And you know that still small Voice that is oh so convincing and convicting?  Well, I heard it over the din of my own voice.  “You didn’t give it to Me to do.”  No, I wasn’t playing Simon-says, I was supposed to be living out my revelation in my responsibility.

The word of God very, very specifically says, “but apart from Him you can do nothing.” John 15:5 was the very first scripture I ever memorized. Hmm, you think that was a coincidence? So let’s give a paraphrase of that scripture weaving through this event. “I am the Vine, John, you are just the branch. When you abide in Me and I in you, then your editing will bear much fruit, but apart from Me, your computer is going to crash and eat your work—because on your own, you can do nothing of any value.” Actually it’s even direr than that.  I have seen that works of the flesh just whirls up hell.  It’s not benign; it is very malignant.

So let’s play this scenario out further.  If it was me that was doing the task, then that stain would mark the recordings going out to people waiting to hear the wonderful message. So in this light, yes, I can thank God for destroying my hours of self-supported rebellion.

It doesn’t matter if I know how to do something; the Life of the Son must be the life behind it.  I must be just the observer of His Life flow. What He does is eternal.  Yes, Christ’s performance in my life makes my life eternal rather than temporal.

I am the vine; you are the branches.
Whoever abides in Me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit,
for apart from Me you can do nothing.
John 15:5 ESV

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    • Irene

      In this same scenario, had the computer not crashed and the work completed with no problems as it had been hundreds of times before, would it have been success or failure? This is where I get hung up: not recognizing that my “success” is failure too apart from Jesus.

      • shulamite

        And that is precisely the point Irene! Wow, what a thought, huh? May we all get it. It’s crucial and eternal. Can’t tell you how many times . . . “getting the job done” has been my motivation rather than allowing Him to perform the task. In my flesh it seems easier and more expedient to just do it, but the results is usually more work and humiliation. Bless you for hearing me!

    • jack

      John I had a similar event happen when 21 years of professional life vanished along with a new office, home on the golf course, lovely auto. We got to go to another town, start over and live in a small rented trailer house. That scripture started to make sense to me/us then and we learned to love Him.

    • Sam

      John, this is quite an unique one of a kind crash.

      Whether it was a neutrino from a distant galaxy sent by Him that hit the CPU at the needed moment and it went froze, or it was just a software glitch, or else a lost bit in your HDD, that CRASH brought His word.


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