Anxiety is Mind Off-roading

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So now that I have tugged on the root of anxiety as the Tree of Knowledge (thinking separately from God), I want to show how these rogue thoughts take the same path of “clothing” self. Just like my father Adam and mother Eve, I will have to hide my shame with fig leaves.

After we take our minds off-roading in the minefield of the flesh, we will surely drop into the ditch of LAW and GUILT. When I reason for myself, apart from God, I will have to support my thoughts with laws to maintain my rebellion. Guilt will plague me, for I am truly guilty.

The Bounds of Anxiety

The Bounds of Anxiety
I am a creature who needs limits to live. When I leave God’s boundaries, I will make my own. How I do this is by imposing LAWs on myself and on others.  Clothing, so to speak.

“I must do this in this time frame.  I must have this done, NOW. I can’t get that; I don’t deserve it. They must do things like I say so.” And the list goes on. All these are laws maintained in my mind to support my wayward thinking.

Funny enough, God doesn’t support my law. And without God’s power and Life to perform these commands, they fail. Whether the laws are for me or for others, the power is void to accomplish them. THANK GOD!

But then enters anxiety, the hero of the flesh. “Here I am to save the day!” A fleshly power to force flesh’s will.  But as I said, the reward of flesh is death and the reward of anxiety is death.  Yeah, you might be able to get the house clean or that proposal done before the deadline, but is there spiritual fruit?

Having Anxiety or Knowing God

Having Anxiety or Knowing God
Martha said to me just this morning, “The purpose of this life is to KNOW God.”  If I choose to know my opinions and judgments rather than His creative mind, oh how pathetic it is. I have access to the great mind of the Creator on any situation simply by asking Him and waiting for His reply. But I often prefer my points of view; they seem timelier.

“This is a mess. It makes me feel bad about myself, and I will fix it myself.” Anxiety, the fear of death, steps in to solve the problem. Worry, worry, worry to motivate like a job foreman. Oh, and not just in my life but YOURS TOO. It might call itself concern but look at it, is it law? The litmus test is: is there Peace?

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

If anxiety is in the ascendance, you can guarantee that His peace in me  is declining.

So how do I propose to leave the stronghold of anxiety?  I am not speaking to the occasional bout of anxiousness but the anxiety that is so rooted, it seems like your very personality. I will talk about this in my next post.

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    • Sam

      Oh my… what an amazing analysis of rooted anxiety. You distilled its essence and unveiled its secret roots. It is really amazing this post. Thank you!

    • pearl

      I choose peace…but not always…I love it when I do tho…it’s so freeing!!!

    • Jack

      Well said John.

    • Stephen

      I will be looking for your next post. With all the physical problems I have, fear and anxiety have sometimes fought to be my constant companion. This fear and anxiety seems indeed very deeply rooted within me! Thanks for sharing this post John!!

    • Bruce

      Anxiety is like an idiot light on the dashboard of your car; it tells you that something is wrong. It doesn’t tell you what is wrong, just that something is wrong.
      I believe depression is another Idiot light on our dashboard telling us that something is wrong.

    • Pauline

      Hi John – sorry I haven’t been around lately . . . not exactly spiritually fit for some time and didn’t want to have any more light to remind me. This is the first post I’ve read in a long time.
      This IS my very personality, so I’m looking forward to the next post (I think).
      I am obsessed with cleaning. You mentioned anxiety as a fear of death: I can easily relate. In my mind, if I don’t keep all germs and dust at bay, someone could get sick (possibly die) and with both my guys having compromised immune systems, I feel responsible to keep up with sanitizing and wiping everything down, from ceiling to floor, multiple times a day and I have to start as soon as I get home from work because I know that while at work, things were being used or touched: microwave, bathroom fixtures, phone, refrigerator items, door knobs, etc. After supper, it starts all over until I go to bed, so that the next morning I don’t have to do as much before going to work, other than the kitchen and bathroom surfaces and a quick wet mop of the floor.
      I’m seldom on my computer anymore but if I am (like now), I’ll change the saran wrap I have over my keyboard.
      I really would like more time to sit and read or talk / write to friends, but even then, my mind is “busy” with what needs to be done.
      You can guess, I’m sure, how this affects my time with Father. I really am too tired to get up any earlier than I have to for work (up very late at night), so I use my lunch hour to read and pray . . . if I go around 3-3:30, there’s no one in the cafeteria.
      My husband and son do help, but it gets me irritated inside because yes, my son will take out the trash, but doesn’t think to wash out the trash can before putting in another bag, and if I’m downstairs when my husband changes the sheets, I just know that he didn’t bother to vacuum the mattress.
      You know, John, now that I think of this, I’m not hearing Him as well these days, either. Connection? No doubt. Need to break the cycle or slow down or something, just not sure how or what the consequences will be.
      I am re-reading the beginning of the post: “rebellion” – really, John? I’m in trouble.
      Thanks for being there.

      • shulamite

        Pauline, I really hope these posts will help and beyond that Martha and I are praying for you. You know we love you and Stephen, we are standing with you. Shalom my dear sister!

        Meaning of Shalom in ancient Hebrew
        “To break/destroy the authority that binds us to chaos.”

        • Pauline

          When I realize that I deserve nothing, yet Father (though probably not very happy with me, presently) still loves me; that I am held in prayer by ones who love me without condemning me — I feel blessed beyond measure!

          John, I never thought I would expose all this rubbish; I had been crying out to God for two days because I was quite fatigued but wanted time again to look at Him, just BE with Him – just as I am; maybe even hear His voice . . . I don’t even know where to begin with repentance.

          Before I sign off to remove the saran wrap from my keyboard, please know how thankful I am for all of you at Shulamite — you all just take holiness to a whole different level but at the same time, have your feet on the ground.

          Love you so much!

          That’s when I sat down and while my floor was drying, took a peek at this blog. Who but Him would know how much I needed this (and so much more to come)!

          • Pauline

            (Last few lines belong after “repentance.” – tired; sorry.)

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